It’s no secret that we’re all a little obsessed with the Twilight series. After all, who hasn’t spent a sleepless night reading, re-reading and watching the epic vampire saga over and over again? While many of us are eagerly waiting for the final installment to arrive in theaters this October, we’re not the only ones who’ve been affected by this fantastic story. One of the main characters, Bella Swan, found fame after her appearance in Twilight and has since established herself as one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. She became so popular that she even inspired a line of clothing and accessories for QVC, including hair accessories, headbands and handbags.

Of course, Bella isn’t the only famous face to emerge from the Twilight saga. In fact, several actors gained a huge following after appearing in the series, including Taylor Lautner, who is currently starring in the new thriller High School Musical, and Robert Pattinson, who plays the charming and magnetic Edward Cullen. In addition to his role in Twilight, Robert has since gone on to star in such hits as The Rover and Life of Pi. After briefly being married to French actress, FKA Twigs, he tied the knot with his current partner, Bella Hadid, on May 12, 2017.

Back to Bella!

In light of this newfound celebrity, it’s no surprise that fans have been clamoring to get their hands on one of Bella’s iconic head dresses or head wraps for years. To thank fans for their support over the years and to celebrate the upcoming release of the final Twilight movie, New Moon, they’ve decided to reissue one of Bella’s most popular head dresses and head wraps in a special collection.

The collection will feature the iconic white dress and headband that Bella wears in the first season of Twilight as well as a new range of bold and colorful looks inspired by the later adventures of Bella and her sister, Rosalie. Not only will this offer fans a gorgeous piece of memorabilia, but it will allow them to express an aspect of themselves that hasn’t been seen on film before.

What’s in the Box?

While the head dresses and head wraps featured in this collection will be familiar to most of us, what will make this special is the inclusion of small details that will enhance the fans’ experience. For example, the box containing the white dress will include a pamphlet detailing the history of the item and an explanation of how it came to be associated with Bella’s character. In addition, a special sticker will be included that can be applied to the box in order to identify it as being from the collection. Finally, a special print will be available for purchase, featuring an exquisite depiction of Bella’s character in the iconic white dress from Twilight along with photos of Robert.

The Final Piece

Bella’s appearance in Twilight is one of the all-time favorite scenes among fans. Furthermore, it marks one of the most important and influential moments in the history of the franchise. Even today, viewers can’t help but be awed by Bella’s character and the way that she handles herself with such grace and poise despite her fragile state. Furthermore, many of us can still remember the overwhelming amount of mail that Bella gets filled with every day. Not only does this prove just how popular she is, but it also highlights the fact that she represents a crucial piece of social history, empowering women everywhere to be their best selves.

In celebration of this special moment, they’ve decided to reissue one of Bella’s most popular head dresses and head wraps in a collection that will bring this iconic scene to life once more. Furthermore, fans can purchase a beautiful print of this important moment featuring Robert and Bella as a way of bringing this iconic scene to their home. This is truly the ultimate gift for a Twilight fanatic.