Looks can be deceiving. We don’t always see things as they really are. Take Robert Pattinson (no, not THAT Robert Pattinson). Most people would probably agree that he is the most handsome man in the world. With his exotic looks, dark sparkling eyes, and chiseled features, it’s no wonder he has attracted a massive fan following.

But did you know that his head looks like a foot? No, neither did we. In fact, it looks exactly like a prosthetic foot!

Upon closer inspection it is evident that Robert Pattinson’s head is completely covered in bandages. Despite being a Hollywood superstar, the “Twilight” actor wore a prosthetic mask to protect himself from injury. Unfortunately, this wasn’t just a fashion choice; it was also a matter of safety. This was in response to the significant amount of vicious paparazzi that dogged him and his family for years. Even today, as he has settled down with his wife and started a family with her, the press still seeks to uncover something new about the actor. It seems that the curiosity of the public is endless.

The Curious Case Of Robert Pattinson’s Prosthetic Mask

Arguably one of the most interesting things about Robert Pattinson is his prosthetic mask. We’re sure you’ve read or seen the term ‘bandanna mask’ thrown around a bit in relation to the actor’s face, but what exactly is it?

Well, to put it simply, it’s a facial prosthetic that was first used in the early 20th century (hence the name ‘bandanna mask’). It became popular amongst soldiers during World War I due to its resemblance to a headscarf or bandana. Since then it has been adopted as a fashion choice by people seeking to emulate a classic Oriental look.

A prosthetic mask, also known as a ‘plastic mask’, ‘molding mask’, or ‘human mask’, is a device worn on the face to hide the identity of a person. When filming commercials or magazine stories, the goal is to make the subject anonymous or at least give them a brand identity that can be associated with the product being advertised or featured in the story. In some cases, a prosthetic mask can be an excellent way to protect the subject’s identity (especially if they don’t want to be identified).

Robert Pattinson was no stranger to danger. He had previously been stabbed in the chest and back, and had also been spat on, kicked, and slapped by fans. He even had to have his front teeth removed due to injuries suffered from a particularly violent encounter with a crazed stalker.

The actor’s mother, Grace, often referred to as ‘Grateful Dick’ due to her son’s good looks, died of cancer when he was 15 years old. His father, Donald, then married Marjorie Merriweather Post, a famous fashion designer. In his memoirs, Pattinson described his stepmother as “a cold, calculating woman who never truly accepted my father, and who had designs on marrying further to increase her wealth” (The Guardian).

Why Does His Head Look Like A Foot?

We aren’t sure exactly why Robert Pattinson’s head looks like a foot. Maybe it’s the unusually large nose. Maybe it’s the fact that he has a receding hairline or that his forehead is too high or that he doesn’t wear a hat. Whatever it is, it’s certainly not his fault. He has been mocked and tortured by the media for years because of his looks. That’s why he chose to wear a prosthetic mask. He wants to be seen for his talent and not for what he looks like. It’s a shame that he had to hide himself in order to do that. Why don’t we all just get along?

An Eyewitness Account Of The Bandanna Mask

Here’s an eyewitness account of the bandanna mask from the 1910s:

“In the early 20th century, men would wear bandannas on their heads in the same way women wear sun hats these days. The bandanna was first designed for soldiers in World War I as a headscarf, but after the war, it became popular amongst civilians as a fashion choice. You’d see men wearing bandannas on their heads in the streets during the day. They weren’t hiding their identities. They just wanted to emulate the fashionable dress of the day. The only difference is that at the time, men were more likely to wear makeup and rouge, so they looked like women. The bandannas were usually made of silk or wool, with some men opting for fake jewellery as an accent. They weren’t meant to be worn all night long, so they tended to break after a few hours. People would wear them for special events and nightlife. You’d see the same look in films from the period. It wasn’t until the 1950s that people started wearing the bandanna as a way of hiding their identity. Sometimes an actor wouldn’t want to be seen by the public in case they identify them later on. Sometimes it’s just a safety measure. There’s no shame in any of this. It’s how the society of the time wanted to see themselves, and it wasn’t until later that these types of masks were seen as negative or as a way of hiding one’s true self. It was one way of dealing with the increasing amount of crazed fans that followed celebrities around trying to get a glimpse of them. It would protect their identity to such an extent that they wouldn’t even want to be seen by the public in case they were targeted by anyone. It was a way of life that saw its heyday during the Roaring ‘20s. Nowadays people use different tactics to prevent their identity from being revealed. They use fake IDs to go to shows and concerts, or they wear masks that cover their entire face. Some actors even use special masks that only cover certain parts of their face like the eyes or the mouth. It’s all about safety and anonymity at the end of the day.”