If you’re reading this, I assume that either you’re a Robsten fan or you’re a hater. The majority of people seem to fall somewhere in the middle – they love the couple, but dislike their approach to parenting. While we wait for the premiere of the highly anticipated new Disney movie on June 25th, let’s take a look at how Robert Pattinson uses social media and whether or not he’s doing enough to keep his fans happy.


The actor and singer has almost 70 million followers on Twitter, but he only follows 53 people. He usually tweets about TV shows, musical celebrities, and other topics related to film. He follows the showrunners of How to Get Away With Murder, the co-creators of Sex and the City, Stranger Things’ Duffer Brothers, and the director of Annabelle. He also frequently tweets about Taylor Swift, who is one of his favorite artists. Swift recently followed him back, which he reciprocated by favouring her new album, Reputation.

He’s also very active on TikTok, where he has more than 40 million followers. However, he doesn’t always post about movies: he has a series of comedy skits, where he shows off his comedy chops by impersonating famous people. He also shares funny stories from his life, like the time he flew a kite in the shape of a penis in front of his kids and the time his dog knocked over a bottle of wine and ruined it.)

When it comes to the social media sites, he uses them creatively. His team posted three different memes on his behalf. The first showed Pattinson in a variety of roles: from the batman mask to the Joker, from the prince to the pauper. The second showed the Twilight star as a classical pianist, while the third had people paying tribute to his moustache, using it as a meme on their own faces.


The 24-year-old is another incredibly popular social media star, with over 80 million followers. He uses several different accounts on different platforms, so it’s difficult to get a complete picture of how he uses social media. He has an account on Instagram where he shares behind-the-scenes photos from his movies as well as the occasional group photo with his children or fans. He also has an account where he shares photos of his home in Ireland’s Lake District, where he spent a lot of his childhood. The area is famous for its beautiful lakes and lush countryside. He even has a section on his Instagram where he shows off his dog Matilda, a black Labrador Retriever who is often tagged in his photos.

Last but not least, we have TikTok, where he has more than 40 million followers. The platform is famous for its short-form video content, and people have taken to using it as a kind of celebrity playground. Although the majority of his videos are comedy skits, he has several others where he discusses different topics, including his relationship with his children and his fans, or shows clips from interviews with big name journalists. Like on Twitter, he doesn’t always post about movies, as he has a series of short films where he plays a romantic role, opposite an actress from a different platform.

Overall, with these different platforms, it’s not easy to keep track of all of his accounts. While he uses Instagram professionally, he also makes creative use of the other platforms. It’s clear that he wants to keep people interested, and he does so with a variety of content. While we wait for the next instalment of Twilight, we can continue to enjoy his witty humor and watchdoggery on social media.