There is no getting away from it, Rob Pattinson is a massive inspiration. Whether you agree with our list, or not, there’s no denying that his is a global superstar. Rob is currently on the cover of almost every magazine, has sold out several shows, and achieved legendary status.

However, fame came at a heavy price. After the phenomenal success of his band, Edward, which was named after his iconic character from the Twilight franchise, he withdrew from the public eye, only returning in the past year to complete his world tour. While some may see this as an opportunity to reinvent himself, we think it’s a missed opportunity.

So, as the legendarily blonde musician gears up to launch his next act, we decided to dive into his fascinating biography and find out more about the pressures that come with being the biggest pop star on the planet.

Early Life And Career

Rob Pattinson was born in London, England on July 21st, 1986 to filmmaker Stephen Pattinson and singer-songwriter Grace Jones. He has an older brother named James and a younger sister named Charlotte. Their mother is of Caribbean descent while their father is English.

As a child, Rob attended several private schools in England including Dulwich College and Haberdashers’ Aske’s School. He then proceeded to University of Nottingham graduating with a degree in music business in 2008.

While at university, Rob formed a band called WSTR with his brother James and schoolmate Jamie Reed. The band released a self-titled album through Virgin Records in 2010 and went on to support Katy Perry on her 2010 world tour. Around this time, Rob also started dating Katy Perry who’s parents, Joe and Mary, are good friends of the Pattinson family. The couple wed in 2012 and have three children together: Elijah, Finn and Louisa.

Personal Life

Rob has been open about his personal life, particularly regarding his love for Katy Perry. The two have been seen together in public at least three times now, including an engagement party in Venice and a romantic stroll on a sandy beach in Ibiza. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Rob gushed: “She’s the most beautiful girl in the world, and she’s also one of the most creative. We work together, and it’s just been the best collaboration.”

In 2018, Rob and Katy Perry purchased a vineyard in the French Alps, which the singer-turned-producer-turned-director plans to turn into a “mini-Maldives”. The couple also own a home in Beverly Hills. However, despite their materialistic endeavors, Rob and Katy maintain a rather modest and unassuming lifestyle.

Style And Fashion

Although not overly fashionable, Rob has a distinct style that has made him a household name. The Daily Mail dubbed him “The Most Influential Man On the Planet”, and he has been named after celebrities such as Kate Moss and Alexa Chung. He is renowned for his ability to manipulate his hair while on camera which he calls “The Rob Pattinson Method”.

Our take is that the method is pretty darn cool and we would like to see more of it. In an interview with ELLE, he revealed that he refuses to follow fashion trends because “I want to keep my style, but I also want to evolve with the times”. Fashion icon Alexa Chung concurs, “I love his attitude, he keeps his eyes open and is not limited by what is trendy at the moment. He is completely unique and cannot be compared to anyone, not even himself. He refuses to be defined by his style and uses his hair to create a visual narrative. He is certainly a man of many talents.”

While some may think that being so in demand comes with ease, it has actually been a challenge for Rob. In 2018, he told GQ that he was “terrified” about the effect that his fame would have on his personal life. “In the past year, it’s almost become more terrifying than ever to leave the house. I feel like I walk around with my own personal bodyguard,” he shared. “I didn’t think it was going to be this much anxiety. But it is. I think that’s why I’m taking a step back from public life for a little while. In a weird way, I don’t want to let myself go to waste.”

Health And Wellness

Considered one of the most handsome men in Hollywood, Rob has been vocal about his health concerns. He revealed in a 2018 interview with Harper’s Bazaar that he was binge-eating as a way to cope with his anxiety: “I get really anxious and nervous about things, so I eat. Normally I don’t eat burgers or pizza, I tend to stick to salads and seafood. But after a week of no carbohydrates, my body just turned into mush, and I started to crave some junk food.”

The singer-songwriter also revealed in the same interview that he was feeling nervous about his 35th birthday in 2019, which is why he’s been keeping mostly to himself. He has acknowledged that he’s been struggling with anxiety and depression since he was a teenager, but has kept it under wraps for fear of being labeled as “soft”. In an interview with Elle, he said, “[My anxiety and depression] never really bothered me until I started this whole thing. I would never have thought that being famous would have made me feel this way. But it does… I get shaky and nervous all the time. Sometimes I’ll have to sit down for a couple of hours just to calm down and get back on track.”


While some may see fame and fortune as guarantees of a happy and successful life, it is actually quite the opposite. In his bestselling autobiography, Unwrapping Mariah: A Mariah Carey Companion, penned with Robert Lacey, Rob reveals that he has suffered immensely career-wise, and even considered ending it all.

He wrote: “A lot of people close to me have recently asked whether I’m worried about the toll that this career is taking on me. The answer is yes, I am. I feel like my entire life has been one long struggle. Every day is a battle. The work consumes me, and the toll it takes is physical and mental. I’m not sure I can keep this up… Even if I could, I don’t want to. This is a job that I’ve always hated, and I’d rather not do it anymore.”

While his career has had its upsides, such as the three Twilight films, music industry awards and lucrative record deal, it has also been filled with heartache. In 2009, his brother, Stephen, died of a heart attack, shortly after he was invited to perform at a recording session for Take Me Away, a song for which Rob wrote the music and lyrics. The experience was so traumatic that it affected him for years to come and made him re-evaluate his priorities in life.

In 2014, he released his self-produced solo debut EP, Just Like Heaven, which featured artists such as Elle MacLeman, Gwen Stefani and Charli XCX. The following year, he contributed a song to the soundtrack of the animated movie Sing, which also featured James Corden and Emma Thompson. It was his first musical collaboration with an animator.

In 2016, he collaborated with songwriter Lennon Stella on the song “Sober” for the soundtrack of the horror film Biggest Fool. Two years later, he released his second solo album, Watermätritiä (“Water Rivalry”), which debuted at number two on the UK album chart. The album featured some truly phenomenal vocal performances by Rob himself. It also marked a comeback for the singer as he revealed that he had spent the previous two years battling anxiety and depression, which he had kept under wraps for fear of being labeled “soft”.

While being the biggest pop star on the planet may not be everyone’s idea of a perfect dream job, it’s an iconic position that has granted him with more than a few perks. Withdrawing from the spotlight may well have prevented Rob from experiencing the heartache and frustration which come with a career in music. Perhaps it’s time for the former heartthrob to put his legendary good looks to work for him.