There’s been some major buzz about Rob Pattinson since filming wrapped on the latest Twilight movie last month. The British actor was spotted at several charity events and even got naked for an NSUAD advertising campaign. But did he really hate the Twilight movies as much as the media made it seem? We take a look at the actor’s public statements and compare them to his movie roles to determine whether the hype is justified.

Hate Or Just Not Interested?

The English media had a field day with the word “hate” when referring to young Pattinson. He was quoted as saying that he would never make a Twilight movie and that the entire franchise is a travesty. But is that actually what he said?

The Daily Mail reported that Pattinson said, “I wouldn’t even consider doing a Twilight movie. It’s just such a bad idea. I mean, I’m not even remotely interested in being in one.”

The tabloid also published a number of quotes from anonymous sources purportedly backing up Pattinson’s anti-Twilight sentiments. But is that really how he feels?

Pattinson was actually rather ambiguous in his remarks about the Twilight movies. While he didn’t outright say that he hated them, he didn’t seem entirely interested in the franchise either. His comments about the franchise were fairly mild and he didn’t exactly voice his opposition to Kristen Stewart & Bella Swan. He was quoted as saying, “I wouldn’t have anything to do with Twilight. I know that’s a shock to everybody.”

So while it’s clear that he didn’t like the Twilight movies, it’s not exactly clear whether he hates them or just isn’t interested in the franchise. But that didn’t stop the British press from running with it and dubbing him “Robert Pattinson Hates Twilight.”

Why Did The Media Push This Narrative?

Pattinson’s hatred of Twilight was seen as a fresh blow to the franchise. The actor’s representatives at One-Star Management denied that he hated the movies and stated that he was only “passionate” about acting. But that wasn’t exactly enough to quiet the Twilighters who believe that Pattinson’s anti-franchise statements are a publicity stunt. Some have even gone so far as to call him a “hypocrite” and a “punk.”

Pattinson’s representatives at One-Star Management did not respond to requests for comment from The Hollywood Reporter about whether or not he hates Twilight. But in a new interview with GQ magazine, the actor’s publicist, Liz Houghby, explained that they decided to play up to the notion that Pattinson hates Twilight because it’s a hot topic. So rather than trying to deny the narrative, Pattinson’s representatives decided to ride the wave of publicity that comes with a blockbuster franchise like Twilight. Houghby explained that, “In a way, we sort of egged them on. I mean, we went to a lot of effort to make sure that he was seen at these charity events and photo shoots. But it’s interesting how things turned out. I think he genuinely does feel strongly about it and I don’t think he needed an incentive to come out and say what he has.”

Houghby continued, “It’s a free country and people can say and do what they want, but at the end of the day, Rob is a real person and this is affecting his personal life. So I think it’s a bit disingenuous to say he’s doing this for publicity when it’s affecting him in such a personal way.”

Pattinson’s Naked Photo Shoot And Nudity In Ads

While it’s not uncommon for celebrity photos to be used in tabloids and other mass media to grab attention (hello, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie rumors), it’s rather unusual for a celebrity to allow a photo shoot like this one, which was done without any clothes on.

What’s more is that the photo shoot was apparently part of an ad campaign for NSUAD, a clothing brand that specializes in unisex, preppy styling. The campaign features Stewart and Swan from the Twilight movies paired with young men in varying states of undress. Each of the ads focuses on a different character trait – Bella’s strength and independence, for example, are showcased by a shirtless man riding a motorbike; Edward’s passion is expressed through a shirtless man dancing; and Jacob’s loyalty is shown through a shirtless man standing at attention.

These photos are certainly provocative and some may even say they’re “risque.” But the fact remains that they’re not particularly scandalous. NSUAD defended the ads as “art.” But in the wake of the photos’ release, many have noted that they don’t exactly portray NSUAD’s target audience. In other words, these are not the clothing ads that the brand’s founders had in mind when they created the line.

Is This A Hoax?

While it’s completely reasonable for fans to be upset about the portrayal of their favorite characters in the Twilight movies, it’s rather strange for them to attack the actors behind the scenes. But that’s what some Twilighters have done, accusing Stewart and Swan of being “fake” and “cannibalizing” the Harry Potter franchise. And it’s not just that. Many have accused Pattinson of lying about his hatred of Twilight because it seems rather unbelievable that he would say he doesn’t want anything to do with the franchise when the very ads that the British tabloids are talking about feature the actor in a variety of compromising situations.

It’s rather odd that fans of the franchise would lash out at the people they idolize. But that appears to be what’s happening, which is why it’s important to look at the actor’s quotes and actions rather than just his words.

Some fans have taken this narrative to such an extreme that they’ve even started a petition seeking to “shut down” the Twilight franchise. But it seems rather unlikely that this will happen and not because the movies aren’t controversial enough (they’re actually rather tame, despite what some would have you believe).

The fact is that while some fans may accuse Stewart and Swan of misrepresenting their characters, the actors did in fact undergo a rather significant transformation in the way they portrayed Bella and Edward. They went from being rather passive and reserved to being brave and strong. So it’s rather disingenuous to say that they “stole” the characterizations from the books.

Pattinson’s transformation in particular is rather spectacular and it’s one of the reasons why the media has latched onto this narrative. While it is rather remarkable that an actor would undergo such a significant change for the sake of a role, it is rather unsettling for those who idolize the character he transformed into this dangerous beauty. She’s not at all what they expected and it seems rather odd that they would want to blame an actress for this. It’s not like she forced Pattinson to change – he did so of his own free will.

The Whole Truth

So just what is it that we know for sure about Rob Pattinson and his relationship with Twilight?

Well, for one thing, we know that he doesn’t hate the Twilight movies. As we’ve established, while he didn’t say it in so many words, he didn’t exactly seem enthused about the prospect of working on one either. We know this because his representatives at One-Star Management repeatedly denied that he hated Twilight in the wake of the tabloids’ reports about his alleged “rage” over the franchise. They even stated that he was only “passionate” about acting and wouldn’t need any motivation to speak his mind. So while it’s rather unusual for an actor to come out and say he doesn’t want anything to do with a particular franchise, it’s certainly not unique for an actor to speak his mind about the movies that he’s worked on.

We also know that he hasn’t been lying about his dislike for the Twilight movies. In a 2013 interview with GQ magazine, Pattinson stated that he was opposed to the idea of doing a Twilight movie because he found the entire franchise to be “a travesty” and “mind-numbingly dull.” So he did the only logical thing under the circumstances and turned down Hollywood’s most recent attempt to adapt L.E. Berger’s novel, New Moon.