It seems like every other celebrity has been covered in some sort of Halloween makeup these days, but it’s always Robert Pattinson who gets the special treatment. Since his debut as the reluctant vampire in the “Twilight” movies, the British actor has graced magazine covers in the most innovative ways, showing off a whole new side of his face. As if all the makeup wasn’t enough, his adoring fans pile on the skincare products as well.

Ahead, we rank the top trends and products that makeup artists and skincare enthusiasts have been enjoying since season one of “Twilight”.

Creepy-Cute Couples Therapy

While some couples seek out therapeutic help to work through their problems, others find it entertaining to engage with a trained therapist as they watch and participate in the process. Whether you call it “cute couples therapy,” “RuPaul’s Drag Race”-style family therapy,” or “mock therapy,” the trend of having fun while getting professional help is one that has gained popularity, even outside of couples-specific contexts. (If you’re curious, here are a few examples of how therapy has manifested in popular culture!)

While traditional (and sometimes very serious) therapy is a common part of many individuals’ lives, it’s always nice to have a little fun on occasion. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top five trends and products that mental health advocates, doctors, and other professional advisors have been enjoying since the premiere of “Twilight.” Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and reminisce on some of the most innovative and groundbreaking treatments and products inspired by Stephenie Meyer’s phenomenally successful literary phenomenon.

Face Wipes With a Medical Flavor

Face wipes have been around for a while, but until recently, most people used cloths or tissues to clean their faces. That all changed with the introduction of medical face wipes, which are engineered to combat the spread of germs and the accumulation of dirt and oil. (Don’t worry, they still come with a pleasant scent too!)

The original medical face wipe, by Sensitive Skin, is a cotton ball dipped in alcohol. While effective for basic cleansing, the wipes were later improved upon by scientists at UCLA, who added a squalene emulsion. What is squalene, you ask? Well, it’s a derivative of vitamin E, which is naturally present in our skin to protect it from damage. When applied to the skin, vitamin E has a demonstrated ability to moisturize and protect the skin while removing harmful toxins.

The result is a medical face wipe that provides exceptional moisture and cleanliness, as well as a faint, pleasant scent that isn’t overbearing.

Mascara That Meets MRSA Standards

Did you know that there are several strains of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) that are very hard to treat? That’s why it’s important to follow the directions carefully when you buy any medication, but especially when it comes to your skin. (If you’re curious, here’s a great primer on MRSA and how to prevent it when you’re sharing needles or using drugs.)

In that vein, it’s very important to note that many personal care products (including some makeup and skincare products) don’t meet the MRSA standards. That means that the drug company that makes the product didn’t do any toxicological studies on the product to make sure that it doesn’t cause any harm. To meet the MRSA standard, a product must be proven to be at least as safe as pore treatment, an ingredient that is extracted from the fruit of the Asian plant, Terminalia chebula. (Did you know that Terminalia chebula is often used in traditional Asian medicine to treat skin ailments? That’s probably why many Asian skincare products contain it.)

It’s good to be aware of these details, especially when you’re trying to purchase a new product or have an existing one that you need to take care of. (It’s also important to look for products that are dermatologist-tested. Some manufacturers add unnecessary and often dangerous chemicals to their products. If you’re not sure, ask your doctor or a skin-care specialist for advice.)

Pore Strips That Work

If you’re one of the millions of people who suffer from chronic acne, you’ve probably tried a number of home remedies and over-the-counter medications to get rid of the blackheads and whiteheads that plague your skin. (Did you know that a survey found that 62% of respondents used masks to treat their acne?)

In that respect, it’s good to know that some dermatologists have started recommending a line of pore strips that meet the needs of those who, for one reason or another, can’t use standard remedies. For people with sensitive skin, pore strips are a great alternative because they have a matte finish that reduces the likelihood of sensitization. (Did you know that many skincare products have sensitizing properties? It’s because most of them contain chemicals that are derived from petroleum?)

Facial Brushes

Facial brushes have been around for centuries, but they’ve rarely been associated with beauty treatments. That changed with the advent of the beauty industry, where facial brushes became essential tools for applying makeup and touching up the effects of skin treatments. (They’re also great for cleaning off excess makeup and dead skin cells.)

While traditional brushes come in a variety of hair lengths, you’ll most often see people using shorter brushes for the contouring of the face. The key is to brush in a way that blends the makeup you’re applying with the natural oils of the skin. (Did you know that a study found that facial brushes are one of the most effective tools for removing makeup?)

Waxing For Men

Did you know that most men’s health problems can be attributed to poor diet and lack of exercise? As a result, many men are turning to grooming products and alternatives, such as waxing, to help them look the part. (If you’re curious, here are a few things you might not know about your uncle’s mustache!)

Like women, men are becoming more interested in skincare products and alternative methods for grooming, so manufacturers have responded by creating new products specifically for the male form. In that sense, if you’re interested in trying waxing, it’s best to be prepared with alternatives in case things go wrong. (Did you know that waxing is one of the most painful procedures of all? That’s why many people opt for alternatives, such as threading or laser hair removal. It’s also one of the reasons why men are turning to grooming products and alternatives — they know what they’re getting into!)

Self-Care Products That Are Kind On The Environment

Not only are personal care products good for your skin, but they’re also essential to save the environment. That’s because most people who use them don’t realize how many chemicals they’re applying to their bodies each day. (Did you know that some skincare products can be extremely harmful to the environment? If you’re not sure what kind of chemicals are present in your products, it’s best to stop using them or switch to safer alternatives.)

Did you know that microbeads, the little plastic balls that are often found in facial cleansers and scrubs, are eventually eaten by marine life and can’t be removed from water sources? That’s why many people are turning to self-care products that don’t contain microbeads. (Did you know that many scrubs contain the non-biodegradable fiber polyethylene? Not only is it harming the environment, but it’s also causing severe digestion problems for some animals.)

In conclusion, the point is that we’re living in a world where science meets literature, with the result being innovative new products and treatments for all manner of ailments. While many of the products below will be seen as a necessary evil by some, many others will help bring pleasure to your life — and your skin — for years to come.