When you’re a celebrity, being good friends with the famous people you’re often photographed with can bring some handy benefits. You can have fun with them, help them in their professional pursuits, and even get some free stuff! Here’s a short guide to some of the rewards and perks of being a good friend of a celebrity.

The Free Stuff

One of the big perks of being a friend of a celebrity is the free stuff. You’ll often see your name in the credits of their movies and read about them in the papers because of their many charity and activist work. So, while you may not have made a name for yourself, you will always be credited for helping them. And who doesn’t love free stuff? Whether its a branded pen, a scarf, or a bottle of wine, the goodies don’t stop there. If you’re lucky, you may even get to try out new products yourself or get them for free. You’ll find below a short list of the many freebies that you are likely to encounter as the friend of a celebrity.

The Fame

Depending on the kind of friends you make, you may gain or lose a few degrees of fame. If your friend is already famous, you will most probably become famous too. This is because when a famous person likes or manages to work with you, your name will likely become famous alongside that of the person you’re collaborating with. So, if you want to become famous, make sure you’re on good terms with a celebrity. The more fame you have, the more opportunities you will have to gain more fame. Its all about the circle of fame!

The Access

If you’re lucky enough to become famous yourself, your friends won’t need to earn their keep. You’ll have access to the celebrity’s connections and resources, which you can put to good use. You can get a crash course in acting, for example, and even get a role in a movie or television show. Some celebrities are even willing to make a few phone calls to get you a part! In addition, you’ll have access to their personal lives, which means you can ask them for advice or help with matters pertaining to your career. Of course, you have to be respectful and don’t expect too much. Just because you’re friends doesn’t mean they have to give you any advice or help. Its all about relationships and respect.

The Recognition

Being the friend of a celebrity can sometimes lead you to getting some recognition for all your hard work. The more you put in, the more you’ll get back. This is especially the case if you’re talented at something and have been working hard at it. If you’re not too sure what your talent is, the best thing to do is to find something you’re passionate about and work hard at. A good friend of a celebrity can also introduce you to countless opportunities and possibilities that you might not have even dreamed of. Take school holidays, for example. After getting a taste of freedom during the day, you might decide that you want to go back to study. Its up to you. The important thing is that you put your best foot forward and don’t give up. One day, you might be pleasantly surprised by a call from a famous person who wants to work with you!

The Affection

Being a good friend of a celebrity means that you’ll get a constant stream of affectionate gestures and words. They might greet you with a warm hug or give you a kiss on the cheek when they see you. Its all about the little things that mean so much to a person. When you’re with a celebrity, you’ll feel like a million bucks because they’ll make you feel special and loved. You’re a friend of a friend after all!

Being a good friend of a celebrity isn’t easy. It takes a lot of commitment and trust. You have to be there for them when they need you and be their trusted adviser. Its not all about the material benefits though. Its important to look at the long term benefits too, such as your own personal growth and development. If this sounds like something you’re still searching for, then friendship might not be for you. But if you’re ready to commit to the growth and development of another person with whom you share a close bond, then you might just find the happiness you’re looking for.