You are probably wondering why your baby girl has been named after a character from a children’s book. Well, here is the answer. Baby name expert, Barbara Sturm, tells you more about the most common Harry Potter name and why it was chosen.

The Most Common Harry Potter Name

The name Harry Potter was first on the radar when the series first came out in 2001. Since then it has consistently been one of the most popular baby names, especially among children born in the 2000s. Interestingly, despite the success of the books, movie, and now anime series, the popularity of the name has steadily declined in recent years.

So, if you are considering this as a girl’s name, you might want to think about another option. Fortunately, there are many other exciting names to choose from if you are a wizard (or witch!) enthusiast. Here is the list of the top 10 most common names for girls that are related to Harry Potter. The most popular name on this list is, you guessed it, “J K Rowling”! As you can see, there are several alternatives for witches and wizards out there.


The name Barbara is most commonly associated with American film and theater. However, it has recently become very popular in other countries as well. According to statistics from 2015, the name was ranked at number five on the list of top baby names for English-speaking parents in the U.S. The most popular version of Barbara is, of course, “Barbara Streisand”, who is most commonly referred to by her first name only. However, her last name is sometimes included as a pet form of the name Barbara.


The name Emily is most commonly used today as a given name, but it has also become fashionable to select it as a surname. This is most noticeable among British people. For instance, Emily Rose is a popular character from the television series “Victoria ”, which is set in the “Georges ” era. The most famous Emily is, of course, the poet Emily Dickinson, who had a vast collection of poetry that was published posthumously in the 1860s. 


Katie is another name that was borne out of American literature and has recently become extremely popular there. In fact, it is the most popular name among girls born in New York City. So, if you are from the “Windy City”, you might want to consider this as a possible name for your little girl. The most famous Katie is, of course, Katie Couric, who is one of the most respected journalists in America. Unfortunately, her fame sometimes comes with a downside. For example, some people believe that the TV host is partly responsible for the decline of traditional values in America. However, the popularity of the name Katie has undoubtedly increased since Couric began hosting the “Today ” show in 1996. 


The name Mia is most commonly used to refer to “Mia cleverly disguised as Marjorie Merriweather ” in “The ” O.C. “Marjorie Merriweather ” is a novel by “The ” O.C. author, “David ”. The famous Marjorie Merriweather is sometimes referred to by her first name, but her full last name is included more often than not. The most common version of Mia is, of course, “Mia Jolie ”, the “Girl ” princess from the movie “A Princess ”. 


If you are an “Avatar” fan, then you know that this name was inspired by “Song ”, a character from the movie. The name was also used as a character’s name in the series, but it is most famous as the name of “Ava ”, “Sister Ava” (portrayed by “Nicole Kidman ”), a healer who lives in the “Pandora ” wilderness of “Avatar ”. The most common version of the name is, as mentioned, “Ava Rowland ”. This was the name of the main character played by “Angelina ”, the sister of “George ”, in the movie adaptation of “Roots ”. 


The name Alice is most commonly associated with the literary works of “Lewis Carroll ”. This name is also sometimes used as a short form of “Alison ”. If you are a fan of “Lewis Carroll ” and the books he wrote under that pseudonym, then you might want to consider giving your little girl the same first name. However, the most famous incarnation of Alice is, of course, the “Alice ” of “Alice in ” “Wonderland ” (Alice Liddell) and its sequels, “Alice in ” “Through the Looking Glass ” and “Alice and  the  Wonderland Wizards ”. 


If you are a fan of “Lois ” “Lacey ” (from “One of the Famous Kludges ”) or her “Perplexing Presents ” series of books, then you might want to consider giving your little girl the same first name. The name Lois is most commonly used to refer to “Lois Lane ”, the “Girl ” from “Lois Lane ”. In addition to “Lois Lane ”, “Lacey ”, and “Perplexing Presents ”, there are also numerous other versions of the name Lois including “Lois Prichard ”, “Lois Brewster ”, and “Laurie Louise Lester ”. 


Another name that was first used in reference to a character on the TV show, is now used as a given name. This was the case with “Mandy Rose ”, who first appeared on “The Rose Bar ” (formerly “Bar 20 ”) as a cocktail waitress. The name was later used as a character’s name in several episodes and, since 2009, “Mandy ” has become one of the most popular names among baby girls, especially in the “Grunge ” era. If you are looking for a trendy name that your baby will be proud to show off, then “Mandy ” might be the right fit. 


The name Mia is mentioned in “The Hunger Games ” as the name of the main character’s grandmother. This was probably the biggest factor in the character’s rise to fame. The name was first used in 1898 and “Mia Jamais ” (“never ”) and “Mia Wunder ” are two very well known variations. If you are a fan of “The Hunger Games ” and its sequels, then you might want to consider giving your little girl the same first name.