After the Twilight series, Robert Pattinson is now set to take on the role of The Great Gatsby in Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel. We’re yet to see any official photos from the set, but already the internet is abuzz with rumours that the actor is looking dashing in a dark suit and a white shirt. Let’s have a look at some of the most prominent hairstyles he’s been sporting lately.

Wedding Rings And Bobettes

The actor debuted his very first haircut in 2009, a few weeks after his engagement to actress Bella Hadid. The couple tied the knot at the Lake Brinkler in New York, just days before the premiere of their cinematic fair isle. The wedding was a brief ceremony but thoroughly enjoyable, with family and friends greeting the newlywed couple. Although Pattinson has since gone through multiple haircut and colour variations, he’s always kept a few favourite styles that he’s fallen in love with over the years.

The wedding ring look was a prominent feature of the early 2010s, with celebrities dressing up in delicate and exquisite jewellery for their big day. It was a look that was emulated by the crowds, with many couples parading down the aisle in intricate and innovative rings.

Classic And Modern

Pattinson’s love for experimentation with his hair started relatively late, with Twitter revealing that he had dyed his hair at the age of 24. Since then, he’s remained a faithful student, continually evolving and changing his look to fit the trends of the day. While he’s always kept some of his signature pieces of hair, it’s been a case of tailoring the rest to fit the styles of the day. Classic cuts and colours, as well as a few modern twists, have always formed the backbone of his hairstyle repertoire.

In 2018, Pattinson sported some truly magnificent locks. While on the red carpet at the 62nd Annual Golden Globe Awards, the actor showed off his impressive facial hair, prompting fellow attendees to take a liking to his chin rug. In a stunning twist, he decided to grow out his facial hair for the film adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile, and the rest of Hollywood followed suit. The style was highly influential, with many actors and celebrities deciding to grow out their own facial hair for the role.

Graduating To Bangs

Pattinson’s love for experimentation with his hair continues with his 2018 film The Laundry List, in which he sports some truly memorable hairstyle choices. The actor plays a role that he described to Vogue as “very American brooding genius type.” While the film itself was a critical and commercial success, it didn’t stop the actor from experimenting with his hair on the way to work.

In the film, Pattinson sports some seriously stylish hair as he graduates from college. After his first year at Harvard, the actor takes his finals and heads to Dean & Professor John F. Kennedy’s office to get his degree. There, he sits in on his finals with Dean Moriarty (played by Evan Rachel Wood) and Professor Kennedy (David Thewlis). Before they begin, Dean Moriarty explains to the actor that there are some issues with his degree paperwork, so he has to delay his graduation. However, the problems are quickly resolved, and eventually he receives his diploma.

Award Season

Pattinson’s dedication to exploring and evolving his hair continues with the 2019 film Good Luck Chuck, in which he plays an aspiring writer who takes his love of language and literature and uses it to write a dating novel. It’s a light-hearted comedy about a man trying to navigate the dating world while writing a novel about it. One of the film’s standout scenes features Pattinson in an amusing poker match with some of Hollywood’s finest, including Kevin Costner, Woody Allen, and Jack Nicholson. While the film received generally positive reviews, it didn’t stop the actor from experimenting with his hair.

Pattinson’s first role in a decade sees him play the dashing and debonair Jay Gatsby in Baz Luhrmann’s 1920s adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel. The actor continues to experiment with his hair while on set, with most of his outfits and hairstyle choices being heavily influenced by the novel. The Great Gatsby tells the story of a wealthy and charming man, Jay Gatsby, who lives in an opulent mansion and whose life undergoes a revolutionary change when he meets and befriends a mysterious girl named Daisy. A love triangle develops between Daisy, who eventually chooses Tom, Jay Gatsby’s friend, over him. An uneasy peace descends upon the mansion as Jay Gatsby tries to live his life again, but the ghost of Daisy continues to haunt him.

Hair Or No Hair?

With all of his experimentation and evolution, why does Pattinson still go to the hair salon every week? The actor divulged to Vogue that he tries to keep his hair natural because he doesn’t like to use products that much. He explained: “I wash my hair every day. I find shampoo to be quite toxic. When I started noticing my hair falling apart, I realised that I wasn’t doing anything to prevent it. I don’t like the idea of putting products in my hair because I think it will break down my hair strands. Instead, I try to rely on the minerals in the rocks and the air to nourish me.”

Even when clean and unadorned, the hair on the heads of celebrities makes for some of the most glorious sights in award-winning films. From the silvery swish of Elizabeth Taylor in Butterfield 8 to the thick black locks of Uma Thurman in Quentin Tarantul’s Kill Bill, the cinema has always been a source of inspiration for the stylings of the famous.