Wondering what famous person you should look up to? You can start with Robert Pattinson. He’s famous for being an actor, model and ex-boyfriend of Twilight’s Elizabeth Taylor. Aside from his impressive acting and modeling resume, he’s also famous for his wise-cracking quotes.

Here are some amazing things about him.


You’ll often hear him crack jokes, which are quite often funny and witty. He has a very dry sense of humor, which has caused some people to compare his wit to that of Harry Potter’s. For example, here’s a famous Robert Pattinson quote:

“I have a funny bone in my body. I love a good joke, especially if it’s at my own expense. I’d rather laugh than cry. And I always enjoy a good cry, but it’s not very becoming. It’s very unattractive. Crying is very feminine, isn’t it?”

And here’s another:

“Why is it that when you’re having fun, everything is amazing and perfect, but when you wake up one day and look back on your life, it’s all been a dream? We have so much fun, we do all these wonderful things, but then eventually, reality sets in and we realize how much we actually miss. The simple answer is: you were never truly happy because you were never truly real. You were always living in your head, in your imagination. Sometimes I wish I could just stop time and stay in this magical place forever.”

He’s also a very private person, and prefers to keep his personal life as a secret. Much like Harry Potter, he avoids the spotlight and doesn’t like to promote anything other than his acting. He does, however, appear in many interviews and often opens up about his private life.

Dry Sense of Humor

Apart from being hilarious, Robert Pattinson has a very dry wit. He often makes sarcastic comments about things, and not always in a good way. For example, he once tweeted:

“I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a glass. I’m very lazy. There are so many things I like to drink, but alcohol doesn’t agree with me. It produces too much saliva. I have a problem with sore throats and hoarse voices. So if I drink, it will only be wine or whiskey, and never champagne.”

And here’s another:

“Writing is very easy. You just dictate your tweets to a secretary, who writes it down phonetically. If you want to be a good writer, all you have to do is: write, write, write. Doesn’t that seem simple? If you can’t write, you shouldn’t be doing anything else. You should just go home and enjoy being a househusband, because that’s what you were born to be.”

So, if you’re looking for an intelligent person to look up to, or just want to know more about this talented, funny, and humble man, then click here to read more. And don’t forget to follow him on social media, where he often shares memes and jokes.