Happy birthday to the incredible actor, director, and screenwriter, Robert Pattinson!

The British heartthrob was born on July 20, 1978 and has spent most of his life in public eye. He started out as an aspiring actor and landed some pretty high-profile projects, including starring in the massively popular movie, Twilight.

The success of this highly romantic film led to its prequel, Breaking Dawn, which was even more popular. Then there were the allegations of rape against him, which were later dropped.

He went on to write and direct several more films, garnering both critical and popular acclaim. Most recently, he starred in the comedy, Walking Tall, which premiered earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival, winning a total of six awards, including the coveted Grand Jury Prize.

The Evolution of an Emoji

The year 2019 was a big one for emoji. Not only was it the 100th anniversary of the ubiquitous chat icon, but it saw the introduction of several new emoji characters.

Emoji are fun and useful, but they can also be quite polarizing. Some people love them while others hate them. Regardless of whether you find them appealing or not, they are here to stay.

Here are some of the most significant changes made to emoji in 2019.

Face With Tears of Joy

One of the most significant changes for emoji this year is Face With Tears of Joy. The most recent addition to the collection, this is a face with teary eyes and a wobbly jaw. It was first introduced in iOS 12.2.

The emoji face was added to the collection in recognition of the fact that many people find it difficult to express emotion with text alone. While some people might want to text about their joy, many others might want to express their happiness through physical gestures.

This is a face that we will all be able to understand and relate to. Whether you are happy or sad, you will be able to communicate your feelings with this emoji.

Heart With Open Arms

Another significant addition this year is the heart with open arms. The emoji maker, Google, has added a touch of humanity to something as cold as a heart. This is a truly unique addition to the collection.

This is a heart that wants to be hugged. Much like Face With Tears of Joy, this is an emoji that will allow for more realistic representation. While we might not always have someone to hug, it is nice to know that someone is out there for us.


Hugs will be seen in a whole new light with the new emoji collection. Google has added a few different types of hugs, including a tight, passionate hug and a long, soft hug. These two types of hugs will likely be used frequently in the future now that the collection provides more options for us to express our affection.

A passionate hug will reveal a lot about the people who are in love and how much they care for one another. The tight hug will demonstrate just how close these two strangers are, possibly even suggesting an arms-around-the-waist kind of relationship.

Mouth Under Loud Noise

Under loud noise is another significant addition to emoji this year. If you are in a noisy environment, you will have to express yourself with unusual gestures. It is fortunate that the creator of the emoji collection, Google, has also included this option. Otherwise, you might end up misinterpreting someone’s meaning.

This is a mouth that is trying to talk but the environment around it is too noisy for normal conversation. It is fortunate that we have this option, as it will likely come in handy for those of us that want to communicate but are in loud places, like restaurants and clubs.

Black T-shirt

The most recent addition to the collection is a black T-shirt. While most people will only need a couple of shirts for regular clothing, these will end up mattering a great deal more as the years go on. As the climate changes and more people opt to go au naturelle, the number of T-shirts will rise.

This is a luxury item, which means that it will likely only be used in special situations. When the heat is on in a romantic situation or when someone wants to show off their passion for a certain sport or team. Maybe even an inside joke?

Candy Searcher

We all love candy, but sometimes we want to taste something different. Google has heard our pleas and has delivered with a solution: a candy searcher. This is a robotic arm holding a big bucket, seeking out treats for us to sample.

If you are feeling generous, you can toss this arm a few pieces of candy to play with. And if you are looking for something sweet, you can ask the arm to find something specifically for you. It is always a good idea to be specific with your requests, especially when you want something that is not readily available. This might take some time, so you could end up with some frustration if you are not specific enough.

New Moon

Last but not least, we have New Moon. Much like its predecessor, the last Twilight movie, this is a reference to the full moon and the phenomenon of the changing tides. If you have seen the movie, you know just how dramatic these can be.

This is the lunar cycle in its purest form, the tide going out and then coming back, leaving us in its wake. These are the types of moments that can make or break a happy romantic encounter. To quote Winston Churchill, “The tide is going out, and we’re all about to be washed away.” So leave your worries behind and let the force be with you.

As the last pieces of the puzzle come together, it is evident that we are in the middle of a major transition in how we communicate. While text messaging has played a huge role in our day-to-day lives, these new additions to the emoji collection showcase a wide range of emotions and situations that might arise in life.

These characters can bring another layer of meaning to our casual conversations and will allow for more realistic representation. As we have seen in recent years, the world of mobile phones is evolving to meet the changing demands of the modern world. This is just one more example of how technology is improving and evolving to fit the way we live and love. What do you think of the new additions to the emoji collection?