While we were all distracted by the news that Taylor Swift wore black on the red carpet, there was another trend that stole the spotlight. When it comes to fashion, people usually focus on the big names and celebrity fashion trends. However, what many don’t realize is that fashion trends start from the grassroots and inspire the famous creators and tastemakers.

One of the biggest and most beloved fashion trends of the year was undoubtedly #SpringSummer19.

The fashion trend that swept the industry this year was epitomized by the work of one designer – Robert Pattinson. The British actor debuted his new collection of whimsical and breathtaking dresses, sold under his eponymous label.

Now, the industry is taking a bit of a break so that we can all breathe and reflect on what was one of the most memorable fashion moments of the year. So, in the meantime, let’s take a look back at some of the most stunning gowns that defined the trending topic of the year.

The Beginning Of This Fabulous Trend

It all began with a simple Instagram post by the British actor. In the caption of his post, he mentioned that he was launching a new collection and would love to hear people’s opinions. As a result, the post quickly went viral and garnered more than 300,000 likes.

However, instead of just sharing his collection of designer dresses, Pattinson took the further step of sharing the dresses’ fitting info. He then followed up the post with a video detailing the processes of creating the looks. This is what likely propelled him to trend status. Not only did he successfully demystify the often overwhelming world of high fashion, but he also gave the average Joe or Jane the chance to try on the dresses for themselves.

Floral Prints

It wouldn’t be a proper review of #SpringSummer19 if we didn’t talk about the most popular print that defined the collection. The British actor’s debut collection is overflowing with floral prints that would make the Duchess of Sussex green with envy. One of the most stunning floral prints belongs to a dress that Pattinson named ‘Emily’ and it’s made up of blooming orchids and jade colored flowers.

Other floral prints in the collection include carnations, sunflowers, and delphiniums that are used to create what he calls a “watermarvel.” We can’t resist a good pun, and this collection certainly lives up to its name. After all, who wouldn’t wish to feel like a princess or prince for just a couple of hours?

Bold Colours

It’s well-known that the British actor has a love affair with bright colors and vibrant hues. You may have seen him pull this trick a million times over. For his newest collection, he decided to experiment with a range of bold and bright colors.

The result is a vibrant yellow dress, a red dress, and a green dress that feature the English actor’s favorite color. The collection is full of eye-catching dresses that would make Vivienne Westwood blush. Unfortunately, the colors aren’t the only thing that stand out. The fabrics are slippery and difficult to manage. This is probably why Pattinson decided not to include practical fittings in his collection.

The Ultimate Woman

While we’ve established that the British actor is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to fashion, it’s clear that he has a soft spot for women. The collection includes several dresses that were tailored with extra touches for the wearers. Perhaps the most stunning dress in the collection belongs to a design that he named ‘Isabel.’ It’s made up of a V neckline and a plunging neckline that meets in the middle. The middle piece extends into a full skirt that gently flows behind the wearer.

Another dress that stood out is ‘Esther.’ It’s designed after the Queen Victoria and is named after the famous Queen Victoria’s Librarian. This particular design is the epitome of a woman in motion. The sheer skirt allows for maximum mobility while the V neckline and empire sleeve help keep the chilly winds at bay. These are just a few of the beautiful dresses that Robert Pattinson has created.

The designer has graced the covers of a number of prestigious magazines and has been featured in several high profile fashion events. In fact, he was named the “most influential person in fashion” in 2019 by Vogue UK. This, of course, is a mark of success for an up-and-coming fashion designer. Thanks to the global notoriety that follows him, he now has the opportunity to experiment and develop his own unique style.

Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that we’re in the midst of a fashion revolution and that things are only going to get better. As for our favorite British fashion designer, we can’t decide if we love him or hate him. We may end up falling somewhere in the middle.