Robert Pattinson interviews with a hand model are pretty rare. The actor/author/model usually doesn’t give many interviews. This is mainly because he is usually so busy working on his next film or with his personal life. Even though he doesn’t have a lot of time to himself, he makes the effort to talk to journalists and hand model Lily Cole when he can. In this interview, he talks about his latest book, Bel Ami, which is about turn-of-the-century French playboy Georges Clemenceau, and about his friendship with novelist Émile Zola. He also talks about his passion for painting and why he doesn’t really like talking in interviews.

On His New Book, ‘Bel Ami’

When asked about his new book, Bel Ami, Pattinson described it as a “sexy, satirical novel about the demi-monde” and said that he took inspiration from the fin de siècle Paris of his youth. He added that he had a hard time finding a publisher for the book because it was very unusual to see a novel about the upper classes in France in the late nineteenth century.

On His Favorite Parts of ‘Bel Ami’

Pattinson said that he liked the parts of the book where Clemenceau’s adventures in Venice and his trips to the Middle East were discussed. The novel also contains a lot of social and political commentary, so it was challenging to write. He told the interviewer that he would have liked to have written a more conventional novel, but he realized that he needed to take the time to understand what made the fin de siècle Parisiens tick.

Why He Chose to Write About Paris

Pattinson chose Paris because it’s such a fascinating city and something of a microcosm of late-19th century culture. He said that he wanted to show what it was like to be a teenager in Paris, and he also wanted to show how the city had changed over the years. He wanted to write about Paris in its essence, before it became “so politically correct and PC” that it lost all its mystery. He said he enjoys walking through the city and observing the people who live there now, as opposed to visiting the city as a tourist or student. He also said that he loves the fact that Paris is such a diverse city and that he got to explore different parts of it while he was writing.

Why He Chose to Write About The Fin de Siècle

Pattinson chose the fin de siècle as the starting point for his novel because he wanted to write about a time when life was “beautiful, decadent, and exciting.” He was fascinated by the fact that the 1890s were a time of tremendous social change where the upper classes were struggling to keep up with the nouveaux riches (newly wealthy). The upper classes were also facing the growing threat of modernism – a cultural and political movement which regarded art for art’s sake as more important than art which served a practical purpose.

What He Loves About Paris

Pattinson said that he loves the fact that the city is cosmopolitan and that he got to explore different cultures while he was researching and writing the book. He added that Paris is one of the most creative cities in the world, and a lot of that creativity overflowed into the city’s art and music scene. The food is also very good, and there are lots of different eateries to choose from.

Why He Doesn’t Like to Talk in Interviews

Pattinson doesn’t really like giving interviews, but he makes an exception for this particular interview. He told the interviewer that he doesn’t like talking in interviews because he feels that he doesn’t have much to say. He pointed out that he usually spends more time thinking of what he wants to say than actually saying it, and that he usually ends up talking about himself. He said that he would rather write an article or a book than sit down for an interview because he feels that the journalist’s job is to listen and report, not to ask questions and listen to the answers.

On His Favorite Novelists

Pattinson said that he is a fan of Émile Zola and Henry James, and that he enjoys their opulent writing. He also named Émile Zola as one of the most influential writers of the fin de siècle, alongside Oscar Wilde and Guy de Maupassant. James, on the other hand, is one of the most important novelists of all time, and Pattinson pointed out that many of his works were set in Paris.

His Favorite Playwrights

Pattinson named Oscar Wilde as his favorite playwright, mainly because he described him as the “grandfather of modern literature.” He also named Honoré de Balzac as one of his favorite novelists. His plays are mostly set in Paris, and he told the interviewer that he enjoys going to the theatre and watching a play. He also said that he would like to write plays himself one day.

Why He Paints

Pattinson told the interviewer that he started painting as a kid and that he has always been interested in the visual arts. He said that he doesn’t have a particular message or theme in his paintings, and that he just wants to make beautiful things.

On His Favorite Artists

Pattinson named Edvard Munch as one of the most influential painters of the fin de siècle. He is a great admirer of the artist and said that his work is an important part of his artistic education. He also named Paul Gauguin as one of the forefathers of modern art, and he said that he is passionate about the work of this iconic artist.

Why He Is Influenced By Music

Pattinson told the interviewer that he is influenced by a lot of different things, including books, films, food, and music. He named the composers Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as his favorite musicians, and he said that they have had a huge impact on his life and work. He added that Gustav Mahler’s music is always present in his head when he writes – that it helps him to imagine the scene and feel the atmosphere of his novels.

Does Music Play a Role In The Importance Of Balzac And Zola To Pattinson?

This question came up during the interview, and Pattinson responded that it does, indeed, play a role. He said that he sees literature and art as very important in the development of society and that they can both be forms of self-expression. He pointed out that many of Zola’s and Balzac’s works were in fact, novels for the stage, and that they both played a huge role in establishing the modern novel. He said that the works of these authors contain all the elements of a perfect novel: a compelling main character who strives for something, a well-rounded setting, and a vivid atmosphere. He added that he finds it fascinating how music and literature were so entwined during the fin de siècle.

Why He Doesn’t Like Tourists

Pattinson doesn’t like tourists, and he doesn’t see them as anything other than a nuisance. He told the interviewer that he finds it difficult to have a relationship with a tourist, and he doesn’t seek out their company – he avoids it when he can. He said that he would love to have a relationship with a native Frenchman, or an Italian, or someone from the UK, but he has never had the chance to do so.

Why He Is An Anglophile

Pattinson told the interviewer that he is an anglophile, and he loves nothing more than to go on holiday to the UK. He added that he has friends and family there and that he feels a connection to the country which he described as “more spiritual.” He described himself as an “old-fashioned romantic,” and he said that he hopes to meet a woman who will make him proud to be British. He told the interviewer that he has been to London seven times and that it is the most beautiful city he has ever seen.