It seems like just yesterday we were praising Robert Pattinson for being one of the most attractive men of the year, and now he’s become less of a celebrity and more of a medical mystery. Rumors of his engagement to FKA Twigs have been circulating for months, but this August, Pattinson’s fans will discover that their favorite actor has changed quite a bit since we last saw him.

The Hollywood star is currently filming the dystopian drama POST ALTERATION, and he’s embracing his newly found fame by experimenting with his hair and makeup. So what can fans expect from the 51-year-old actor now? Let’s take a look.

A Hairy Transformation

The first thing you’ll notice about Pattinson is his hair. It’s taken him a while to grow it out, but the longer hair makes a bold statement and commands attention. The way he wears his hair is also a bit of a telltale sign of his transformation.

The former heartthrob has been seen with a few different hairstyles throughout his adult life, but his current look is something to behold. After decades of keeping his hair short and spiked, he’s gone furry, and it’s the best iteration of himself yet. Fans of the band BTS will recognize the hairstyle as the ‘Shambhala.’

Pattinson has been seen wearing several furry hairdos in the film. While on set, he sported a thick white pelt that covered most of his head. The hairstyle is something new and is the culmination of years of experimentation. In the past, Pattinson has worn a hat or a hood to shield his head from the sun or to keep his hairstyle on center stage. But now that he’s become a person of interest in the investigation of transience and mortality, he’s decided to go against type and revealed his entire head to us.

A Renaissance Man

It wasn’t just his hair that changed with the years. Over the years, Pattinson has developed a fondness for facial hair, and he’s shown no fear in experimenting with different styles. He began growing a mustache and then a goatee, and he’s added another layer of stubble to his face in the years since. He’s also tried out several different makeup styles, with some of them being more daring than others.

While filming POST ALTERATION, Pattinson experimented with makeup styles that were a little more mature for him. He tried out a bright red lipstick that was reminiscent of his Joker makeup from JOKER. He also went for a full on costume change, wearing a leopard print unitard with matching furry shoes.

More Than Meets The Eye

Aside from hairstyle and facial hair, the other clear indication that Pattinson has transformed is his body. This past year has seen the actor experiment with more mature attire and set a trend for men with longer hair. But it’s not just about his look; he’s also gained a lot of weight. During the making of POST ALTERATION, he was reportedly spotted in a Hollywood burger joint consuming a Whopper with cheese. Although he’s always been a slightly chubby child actor, this new heavier look is clearly something new for him.

Pattinson has always been known to keep his private life low-profile, but it seems like he’s been driven to reveal more about himself than ever before. He’s always kept a low profile, refusing to be photographed with his former lovers Jay-Z and Rihanna, but he’s never been this open about himself before. As he’s aged, he’s become more like a father figure to his fans, so it’s no surprise that he’s opened up more than ever before.

It should come as no surprise that Robert Pattinson’s fans have taken a liking to his new look. While still maintaining a very youthful appearance, he’s now much more of a Renaissance man than ever before. The transformation is subtle but very apparent. People are drawn to his charisma and charm, not to mention his dimples. But it’s his experimentation with his hair and makeup that will make the biggest impression. It’s a reminder that no matter how much time goes by, the handsome actor will always be worth watching.