Is Robert Pattinson’s hair a triumph or a tragedy? When the ‘Twilight’ heart-throb was photographed in London in April 2017, the internet answered happily, greeting his locks with a wave of compliments.

But since then, there has been a sea-change. While fans still shower him with love, the media are now criticising Pattinson’s hair. From being labeled ‘gothic’ to ‘tomboyish’, the shades thrown at his hair have become almost as plentiful as the hair spray he liberally applies.

Where did this change come from? How did one of the most recognizable faces of his generation lose his crown? What’s in a name, as they say, and is the ‘Twilight’ actor’s hair now considered a handicap? Let’s examine the evidence and take a fresh look.

The Early Stages Of Robert Pattinson’s Career

Even before his breakout role in the ‘Twilight’ saga, Robert Pattinson’s star was on the rise. He first came to our attention as the hulking, shirtless man in the black pants and white shirt in the video to Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, the 1989 movie adaptation of Kurt Cobain’s memoirs. This was followed by a string of acting parts, including a role in the British comedy series ‘Penny Dreadful’, which first aired in 2016.

The early part of Pattinson’s career was spent mostly in smaller movies and independent television shows. Between 1992 and 1998 he had a recurring role on the US sitcom ‘Get a Life’, appeared in the 1994 horror movie ‘The Puppet Master’, and had a role in the 1998 thriller ‘Wilderness’, among others.

The Breakout

After an extended break from acting, during which he focused on his music, Pattinson had a role in the ‘Twilight’ saga, based on the bestselling novel by Stephenie Meyer. Despite the furor that this movie inspired, with its werewolves and witches, his role was fairly minimal – that of a human messenger – and he largely stayed in the background, which is where he likes to stay, whether on screen or off.

But it was the movie’s unprecedented success that propelled him into stardom. ‘Twilight’ became the biggest grossing film of all time, winning eleven awards, including a prestigious Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. It also inspired a wave of copycats, from the teen-aimed series ‘Outbreaker’ to the ‘Gunslinger’ series, and of course the highly successful ‘Mulberry’ line of luxury women’s scarves that bear the designer’s logo. All of this inspired a ‘Gimme A Kiss’ T-shirt from Longchamp, starring and designed in-house by the fashion house’s creative director BFFI.

Is His Hair A Tragedy Or A Triumph?

The praise for Pattinson’s hair has been almost as enthusiastic as the fawning over his acting skills. When he was first photographed in April 2017, the internet greeted his hair with a cacophony of ‘Omgoodness’, ‘Omgoodness’ and ‘Omgoodness’ (a trend that has extended to Twitter).

But it wasn’t just the fans who took a shine to his hair. The man himself admitted that he was glad to be able to shed his stage persona for a bit. “I always feel like I’ve got a mask on when I’m acting, and I’m very happy to take it off and just be myself for a bit,” he told The Independent. “But I still love acting, and I want to keep acting and continue to grow as an actor. So it’s not like I’m retiring from acting anytime soon.”

Is this the end of an era for Robert Pattinson? Has his hair finally flopped, as the saying goes? Hardly. Far from it. In fact, if anything, it’s just the start. His career is now in the midst of a golden era, and it’s not just limited to film. In the spring of 2019 alone, he’ll be seen in two theatrical releases, including the much anticipated adaptation of the popular graphic novel ‘Death Race’, in which he plays the part of an armored truck driver.

It’s been a strange, fascinating ride, and one that has seen him grow from a fresh-faced teen actor to a handsome, experienced lead, beloved by millions and revered by critics. But at what cost has this evolution come? Has his hair finally caused him to lose a step in the quest for stardom? It’s time to find out.