Most people know that Robert Pattinson wears his hair exceptionally long. We have all come to know of his thick, shiny hair that flows past his shoulders. But did you know that he has been experimenting with numerous haircuts over the years? Find out about tenet—the haircuts that changed his life, and how you can get his haircut.

Early Beginnings

While many of us may know him as Mr. Long Hair, Robert Pattinson adopted a short haircut when he first began his acting career. It was when he played the character of Edward Cullen in the 2011 movie, Eclipse, that he fully immersed himself into the world of men’s haircutting. Not only did he cut his hair, but he also sported a stylish beard.

Edward Cullen’s haircut was a huge hit with moviegoers, and it quickly became one of the most popular haircuts of all time. Many men’s haircutting websites credited the ‘do with jump-starting their careers. Within a year of playing the character, Robert Pattinson had been approached by numerous photographers, hairstylists, and fashion directors about doing photoshoots and fashion week runs for them. He even started his own grooming company, named RPattz, to accommodate his growing demand for personal grooming.

The Evolution Of A Classic Cut

It wasn’t long, however, before society’s favorite son decided that he wanted to update his famous haircut. He began experimenting with short haircuts and beard growth, and before long, people were wondering why he had ever grown such a magnificent beard in the first place. They were even questioning the ‘cool’ factor of Edward Cullen’s now-evolved look.

Pattinson took a little bit of every style that he tested and rolled them into one. He gave his beard some Shavingtons, cut off the bottom of his hair, and kept the rest of it shaven. This particular haircut has since become his signature look.

The Final Word

Though he has yet to publicly confirm it, it is widely believed that Robert Pattinson will once again sport his signature haircut for the 2019 sequel, Twilight. This time around, he will play a character named Barry, whose haircut closely resembles that of his former self. Whether or not this will be the case, it seems that no matter what hairstyle he will experiment with, the world will enjoy watching him grow his beard.