If you’re a big fan of the Batman series, you’ll have to admit that Robert Pattinson’s haircut is pretty close to the one he played in the 1989 TV movie. While the general public may still not know much about Pattinson’s hair apart from the fact that it’s a bit different than the one he sported in the Twilight films, you, dear reader, probably know a lot more than the average person. That’s because you’re a fan of the actor and probably watched the movie a hundred times over. So let’s dive into the question of whether or not Robert Pattinson really made a style statement when he cut his hair in February 2019. We’ll break it down into three distinct parts.

The Classic Look

If you compare Pattinson’s haircut now to that of his 1989 TV appearance, it’s night and day. Gone is the messy mullet and in its place is a sleek, short, and clean hairstyle. From a distance, even the most ardent Batfan wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. And you know what? He probably wouldn’t want to try and tell the difference. The classic look is perfectly suited to Pattinson’s square jaw and broad nose. It makes the actor look a bit more rugged and, in turn, older than his 26 years. Plus, who knows – maybe the haircut will even help him to look more like his comic book character. After all, a shiny bald head definitely helps!

A Bit Of A Change

As we’ve established, the 1990s were a golden era for Batman fans. Between Tim Burton’s brilliant films and the following superhero franchises, it was a veritable cornucopia of comic book material. That trend continued into the early 2000s, with the release of Batman Begins and its related sequels. While Pattinson’s haircut is a homage to the Dark Knight and his predecessors, it also marks a bit of a stylistic departure. Gone are the bold, colorful ensembles and in their place is a more traditional look. Perhaps reflecting the actor’s desire to move beyond his teenage years and the public’s disinterest in his personal life, Pattinson ditched the brimming overconfidence and replaced it with a humble attitude.

Even more significantly, aside from the obvious choice of haircut, the overall vibe of Burton’s Batman seems to influence the actor’s appearance. As we’ve established, the director championed the practical over the ornamental, and that can be seen in everything from the way the cinematography looks to the way the cast and crew interact on screen. For example, the main protagonists are more closely knit and less individually focused than their Marvel counterparts. That sense of camaraderie is reflected in the way they interact with each other and, by extension, the viewer.

Signature Scent

If you’ve seen any of the Twilight films, you’ll know that the female lead, Bella Swan, is particularly besotted with her vampire boyfriend, Edward Cullen. Even before they met and fell in love, the charismatic vampire had a powerful effect on all who came into contact with him. From the moment he sprayed on his signature scent – orange blossom – it was impossible for Bella to resist him.

Of course, she eventually succumbed to his hypnotic powers. Edward’s charisma – and his scent – were what helped him to seduce and then control his vampiric victims. While the orange blossom scent wasn’t exactly unfamiliar to the Twilight audience, this is the first and, so far, only time that it’s appeared in a movie. Not only does it represent Edward Cullen’s unique character and the essence of his appeal, it also marks the first time that his scent has been used in an actual film. Why is that important? Because when you set out to represent a character or a brand in film, you have to think about what would ultimately make that character or brand more memorable. For Edward, that’s simple: it’s his scent.

Final Takeaway

If you’ve followed the links above, you’ll have seen that we’ve covered a lot of ground. We’ve established that Robert Pattinson’s haircut is a homage to the Batman series and its leading men – Thomas Wayne and Bruce Wayne – while also introducing a number of stylistic departures. It’s a bold and confident style that calls to mind the film’s iconic theme song; a track that continues to be covered by today’s biggest bands. If you love the Batman series, then it’s clear that Robert Pattinson’s haircut is a pretty cool look. However, if you’re a fan of other actors and directors who are also affiliated with, or inspired by, Batman, then this year’s haircut might not be for you. That’s because the majority of the material presented above is associated with the Dark Knight and his brooding alter-ego, Bruce Wayne. If you’re more of a fan of Dick Grayson, the Robin to Bruce Wayne’s Batman, then it might be time for a change.