The cast and crew of Twilight were truly blessed with natural hair. Even though the movie’s setting is post-apocalyptic, the characters’ hair seems to defy the rules of nature. It was glorious to behold! Most of us have fantasized about what our hair would look like in a film or on a poster.

While we wait for our opportunity to don the iconic crown, we can look to the man behind the mic for inspiration.

Starring alongside the beautiful and talented Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson’s hair is truly a work of art. There’s something about seeing him play Edward that makes his hair even more appealing.

Not only is Edward’s hair a sight to behold, but it also appears to be growing during the filming of the movie. Even more amazingly, the hair on the set is completely different to that which you’ll see in the film. We can only assume that the hair on the silver screen is a portrayal of what Edward would look like after his transformation. But what is the true story behind the set hair?

How Does Edward’s Hair Grow?

As already mentioned, Robert Pattinson’s hair is one of a kind. Its appearance in the Twilight Saga only added to its mystique. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a male celebrity hair so full of luscious curls. Seeing him play Edward made even the most hard-core Robert Pattinson fans eager to see how his hair would react to the Hollywood lights.

The way Edward’s hair grows is a true testament to nature’s grand beauty. When a man and a woman meet, their hair colors often complement each other. For example, blondes have more fun while redheads seem more sensual. The same can be said about Edward and Kristen. When they were first paired on-screen in 2009, their hair colors were almost diametrically opposed. While Kristen was a classic redhead, Edward was more of a graying blond. However, as the years went on, he was seen more and more often with his hair dyed an even richer orange-brown.

When it comes to the way our hair grows, nature certainly has a way of working her miracles. Not only does she give us the most amazing scent, she also keeps on giving! The same can be said about Robert Pattinson’s hair. After years of marriage to Jennifer Lawrence, his hair has finally started to show some gray. However, even though he’s getting older, it seems that nature has not finished her work on his hair. The strands even appear to be getting thicker as the years go by.

It would seem that nature is playing a joke on us. Not only are we eagerly awaiting the release of the final installment in the Dark Tower series, but we also get to revel in the wonders of nature. As it turns out, being married to an incredible woman does afford you some fabulous perks. Not only did Robert get to play Edward, but he also got to grow his hair as he pleased. And what a pleasure it was to behold!

Is This The Final Chapter For Edward’s Hair?

As we’ve established, witnessing Robert Pattinson’s hair is reason enough to watch and/or read the books. But even if you’ve never laid eyes on the curly-haired actor, you surely know his character. Edward was a mainstay on our screens for seven years, first appearing in the 2008 movie adaptation of Twilight. Since then, he’s appeared in every installment of the Twilight Saga, including New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. As exciting as it is to see Edward’s hair appear in more and more films, it’s actually time for him to move on. And what a glorious exit it will be!

In the final installment of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn, Edward is finally going to embrace his true nature and become a wolf. While fans are sad to see the end of their favorite character, they’re also incredibly excited about the opportunity to see him change. Seeing as how he’s played such an integral part in our understanding of the vampire genre, it would seem fitting that his hair should carry on the theme. And what a theme it is!

It’s been a wild ride for Edward. Not only has he been a part of some incredible cinematic milestones, but he’s also helped to redefine what it means to be a vampire in pop culture. For years, vampires have been depicted as pale and sickly creatures that only feast on the blood of the living. Thanks to Robert Pattinson, that’s all been changed. Vampires now have the most beautiful hair and the ability to walk in the sun. It would seem that nature has a great deal to answer for. Not only do we get to enjoy watching great films, but we also get to witness the wonder of nature. As a member of the vampire tribe, how could he not embrace his dark essence?

What Will Edward’s Transformation Look Like?

This is one of the most exciting parts for fans of Twilight. While the movie is still forthcoming, we know that Edward’s transformation will be both epic and breathtaking. It’s been four years since we last saw him in New Moon, and four years is a long time in Hollywood time. Robert Pattinson is an incredible actor, and it’s been great getting to see him play a character we’ve come to know and love over the years. Even though it’s been a while, it’s still not too soon to start seeing all the changes that come with age. And what glorious changes they are!

While we wait for the release of Twilight, we can take a peek behind the scenes of what will happen. In the video below, you’ll see some of the techniques used to make Edward the stunning creature that he is. Using prosthetics and CGI, the makers of the film make it look like the actor is changing into a new and improved version of himself.

The first thing you’ll notice is that he’s losing a lot of hair. We’ve established that Edward is going to lose his hair, and it’s been confirmed by the director. While we don’t know exactly how much, we do know that it’s a lot. Even if you’ve never seen Twilight, you surely know what happens next. As soon as the famous red curtains are pulled back, you’ll see the beautiful and talented Kristen Stewart sitting there. Now, while we love seeing her with her hair wet, the fact that it’s been raining a lot could make you a tad dry. So, the producers have given her hair some style relief by using a large amount of hair spray. This keeps her hair in place while also giving it a quick 20th century vibe. It also makes her look like one of the characters from It, which is fitting, considering they’re both played by the gorgeous Jessica Chastain.

The video also confirms our suspicion that Robert Pattinson has been drinking a lot. It seems that his decision to change his ways and become a vegetarian has been paying great dividends. Not only has his hair started to shine, but he’s also looking great. Not only that, but he’s also starting to fill out. Thanks to nature and his vegan diet, it seems that Robert Pattinson is finally realizing his full potential.

What we can’t seem to find in the video, however, are any changes in Edward’s eyes. Even though he’s had an opportunity to grow his hair for years and play an important part in rediscovery of the vampire genre, it seems that his transition into a wolf has not been a pleasant one. While we can assume that this is due to the fact that he doesn’t have all his teeth, it’s very possible that it’s also due to his mental state. It’s been said that being a werewolf is not for the faint of heart, and it certainly looks like Edward is feeling that. We can’t find any trace of happiness in his eyes, which is a real shame. After all, isn’t that what being a wolf is all about? Reveling in his newfound freedom and exuberance for life?