Robert Pattinson is one of Hollywood’s most handsome and famous men. The British actor is best known for his role as Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter film series. He is also famous for his many on-screen romances, which have led to a popular marriage proposals to Kristen Stewart. Apart from acting, he’s also a talented musician and photographer. In fact, the list of jobs he’s done is impressive – directing, producing, and composing music are just some of the talents he’s displayed.

Although he’s been in the spotlight for years and years, we still don’t know a lot about Pattinson’s personal life. In fact, he’s kept pretty much mum about himself, barring the odd Instagram post.

Well, the actor has opened up about his hair care routine in a recent interview with Men’s Health (the magazine). And it’s pretty brilliant. Not only does it involve some of the most desirable products known to man, but it’s also incredibly easy to follow. You’ll need access to some basic hair care tools (like a hair dryer and a comb), and a few high-end products (like a serum and a gloss), but other than that, everything you need is already in your home. So, without further ado, here’s the routine.

The Hair Dryer Routine

To begin with, take out your hair dryer and give it a warm up. Then, starting from the top and working your way down, squeeze some dryer sheets on your scalp and brush your hair. Wait about 10 minutes for the sheets to absorb some of the oil, and then brush your hair again. Letting the sheets remain on your head for a few more minutes will help ensure that your hair is fully absorbed and evenly coated with shea natural oil. (For best results, leave the sheets on for at least 30 minutes before brushing your hair.)

After you’ve brushed your hair, grab some argan oil and a drop of vitamin E oil and mix them together. Then, starting from the top and working your way down, apply the mixture to your palms and rub your hands together. Doing this prior to brushing your hair will help coat your palms in the oils and make it easier for you to brush through your hair as you go. Finally, as you brush your hair, sprinkle in some of that good old pepper. You’ll find that this last step makes a massive difference; it enhances the brushing sensation and makes your hair look extremely shiny and vibrant.

Gloss And Serum Routine

Next, take out your lip gloss and give it a little shake. Then, similar to the dryer and serum routine, apply the gloss to your lips and allow it to stay for a few minutes. This will make your lips look fuller and give them a polished, professional finish. After your lips have had their moment in the sun, remove the gloss and apply some moisture to your lips with a balm or lip cream.

Now, for the serum routine. Take out your serum and give it a quick shake. Now, as the name suggests, serum is meant to be applied to the skin directly after you’ve washed and before you’ve dry cleaned your hair or done any other type of skin treatment. Take some time to read the label and follow the instructions on how to use it correctly. Some of the more popular serums on the market include Kiehl’s lip serum, which has vitamin C and antioxidants in it, and Murad’s 3D collagen serum. Your hair will thank you for using these products because they will keep your hair healthier, shinier, and less likely to fall into disrepair.

The Shampoo, Conditioner, And Hair Spray Routine

To complete the outfit, brush your hair and then shampoo and condition your hair. After you’ve shampooed and conditioned your hair, take some time to let your strands air dry. While still damp, take out your hair spray and give it a few quick pumps. This will not only make your hair look more voluminous, but it will also help keep the heat in during those hot summer days. Make sure that you don’t hold the can too near to your head because the vapors may give you a nasty headache.

Now, the final step of the routine is styling your hair. Take out your brush and start from the top. Then, using the hair dryer, heat the hair ends first, and then pull the hair through to the other side. Next, add an inch or two more hair to the brush, and then begin brushing the hair back. As you start brushing your hair, add in a small section at a time and make sure that you don’t rush the process. This will help add some texture and volume to your hair.

Once you’ve completely brushed your hair, take some time to add in more product as needed. Then, wrap your hair in a bun or create a messy bun at the back of your head and secure it with a hair band. Finally, add in a little shine by brushing your hair on the top of a shower cap and then placing the cap on top of your head. This will give you an extra shine and help keep the heat in during those hot summer days. As a last step, add in a neutral eye shadow in the shape of an arch, or an upside down U, and then apply a coat of mascara to the tops of your eyes. This will make your eyes look wider and more lively, and it will add an extra touch of color to your face.

So, there you have it, folks. A complete and total beginners’ guide to styling your hair. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some makeup to do. Thanks for watching.