It all started with a pic of Rob Pattinson on Twitter. We know. Most of you probably know. He is the adorable English actor who plays the hunky vampire in the latest “Twilight” film, “Breaking Dawn — Part 2.” (No, we’re not kidding!) In case you somehow missed it, here’s the tweet that started it all:

Just seen this guy’s hair. It’s fantastic. Just like Taylor Lautner’s in the Twilight films!

And then the memes started. As you’d expect, they’re all about Rob’s hair. Some people even said that he stole the idea for his character from Taylor Lautner. Who knew that a haircut could inspire such devotion? We can only imagine that Rob’s hair is a direct result of his many, many months of scrupulous planning. He clearly spent a great deal of time experimenting with different hairstyles in order to find one that perfectly matched his on-screen character.

We couldn’t resist joining in on the fun. Here are a few of our faves.

The Taylor Lautner Cut

If you’re unfamiliar, Taylor Lautner is one of the child actors who played Jacob Black in “Twilight.” He sported a short haircut similar to Rob’s when he played Jacob in “Twilight.” This inspired Rob to try out a similar fade, and voila, the perfect match!

Hot Child In The City

This is Rob’s attempt at a “Hangover” look. We’re not sure if it’s supposed to be a parody of the “Hangover” films, in which case this would be pretty spot-on. But probably not. Who knows?

The Joker

There are a lot of similarities between Taylor Lautner and the Joker. First off, they’re both really hot. Second, they both have brilliant, anarchic personalities. Third, they’re both balding. Fourth, they’re both extremely funny. Lastly, Taylor is significantly more handsome than the Joker. You get the point.

Mullets, For Men And Women

This one is for you, ladies. If you’re into cool hairstyles for women, why not try out a mullet? It’s hip, it’s in, and it’s easy to maintain. Just brush your hair often and don’t forget to oil it.

The Breakfast At Tiffany’s

We couldn’t decide whether this one was intended to be funny or scary. It’s probably a little bit of both. We’re not sure what type of animal this is supposed to be, but we’re guessing it’s something with claws. And fangs. And feathers. And a beak. And a whip. That’s what we’re thinking.

We don’t really know what’s going on here. Is it a bird? A monster? A demon? A sphinx? A harpy? A heron? A phoenix? A griffin? A woodchie? A buzzard? A gryphon? A chimera? A monstrosity? A dracula? A mummy? A zombie? A Yeti? A gremlin? A goblin? A troll? A leprechaun? A mummified corpse? A headless horseman? A walking corpse?

We have no idea. All we know for sure is that this is the perfect picture to spark your meme generator!

Whether you’re a fan of Robert Pattinson or not, we hope we were able to shed some light on this fascinating, quirky character. We think that his perfect hair is a testament to his extensive effort and attention to detail. (No, we’re not talking about Taylor here. We hope you get the point by now.) We also hope that you’ll enjoy our gallery of Rob’s most inspirational haircuts. Because we know you’ll find it absolutely fascinating.