We’ve been blessed with some of the most talented and fashionable men and women in film. From Brad Pitt and Kate Winslet to Tom Cruise and Keira Knightley, we rarely get to see our favourite stars without being tempted to ask, ‘Is that all there is?’ Sadly, the answer is almost always a resounding, ‘No!’ The industry is a feast for the eyes, and the hairs, too. Here are five of the hottest fashion icons’ hair secrets.

Robert Pattinson

While we’re on the subject of hair, let’s not forget about our own Prince Charming, Robert Pattinson. Since breaking onto the scene in 2009’s blockbuster, Twilight, he’s become a bonafide style icon. And for good reason: He’s a walking miracle when it comes to hair. Never have we seen such a pro at brushing and flaunting his beauty secrets. Let’s take a look at his incredible hair care routine:

Hair brushing

Brushing your hair is considered a non-professional, everyday hairstyle. And that’s the style icon’s ultimate secret. Every day, Prince Charming does his hair in a different way. Whether he’s got a quick hair dry at the end of the day or he opts for a relaxing night out, you can always tell his hair is going to look different. He even has a full-blown ‘brush-off’ routine that he goes through whenever he feels like his tresses are getting a little bit too lively. He’ll shake his brush, flick off some excess hairs, and then resume his usual style. We can learn a lot from this humble prince. Brushing your hair daily makes it easier for you to become more creative with your hair-stylising options. You’re not locked into one form of expression when it comes to your locks. As a result, your hair will grow quicker and healthier.

Hair waxing

Hair waxing is another effective way of quickly removing unwanted hairs. It’s a quick, easy, and relatively painless process. Traditional hairdressers often use waxing as a way of charging more for a standard haircut. Many people are put off getting hair waxing because of this practice. But if you’re someone who feels that their hair is a valuable asset, and you want to keep it as short as possible without resorting to dangerous chemicals or heat damage, waxing is a great option. The key is in the anticipation. Make sure that you book your waxing appointment well in advance.


Just like with any part of your body, your hair needs to be taken care of. And like any other muscle or skin cell in your body, your hair needs sufficient hydration to work at its best. One of the most effective ways of moisturising your scalp and making your hair healthier is by conditioning it. The act of conditioning involves spraying a rich serum onto your hair in a random pattern. You then walk around with the spray for a few minutes before brushing it off. In this way, you’re ensuring that all the hair ends are saturated in the nourishing serum. A popular serum in the beauty industry is TRESemmé Elixir (pronounced ‘tresses-eye-elixir’) The ingredient in this serum that makes it so nourishing is a form of vitamin C. And it’s what your scalp needs in order to stay healthy and looking like Prince Charming’s.

Deep conditioning

If you’re really committed to keeping your hair healthy and looking its best, you should consider using a deep conditioning treatment. These treatments are widely available in salons, but you can also buy them online. A deep conditioning treatment is typically more costly than a regular conditioning treatment, but it’s definitely worth it. A deep conditioning treatment will leave your hair looking like it has literally just left the salon. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never go back to your regular routine of quick hair washes and blow drying sessions. The treatment allows you to take your time styling your locks, and you’ll end up with a style that will last you all day, every day.

Hair coloring

Colouring your hair is another great way to change its appearance. The most popular way of doing this is by using hair extensions. These are longer strands of hair that you can tie in a knot on the top of your head. When you leave the salon, the stylist will untie the knot, and your hair will fall down in a gorgeous waterfall of curls. It’s a great look for any occasion, but especially for women who want to experiment with different styles. One of the best things about hair coloring is that you can go from a total ‘hat’, to a stunning ‘do in an instant. You’ll find hundreds of different colours and styles to choose from, so there’s bound to be something that will match you perfectly.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to keep your hair looking its best. From gentle brushing to waxing and conditioning, these are all easy and natural ways of maintaining your pride and joy. If you try out these tricks and techniques, you’ll soon see improvements in both your style and your hair’s health. And there’s no way to improve on perfection.