There is no doubt that 2020 was a major setback for the movie industry. The world was forced to take a step back and reevaluate the way they wanted to consume content. Studios closed down, and many of the biggest names in Hollywood were affected. As a result, we were treated to a steady stream of films that were both exciting and horrifying. One of the biggest casualties of the pandemic was the much-loved actor and singer, Robert Pattinson. He is arguably one of the biggest stars in existence, and his role in the massive blockbuster, The Loved One, was what led me to write this article. When the film was released in March 2020, the world eagerly waited to see how Pattinson’s hair would look like in 2021. And it really was a treat to see how the style icon reacted to the unique challenges that this year posed. It’s fair to say that it wasn’t just about hair this year.

New Look

Pattinson’s hairdresser, Jamey Abraham, told Vogue that the biggest change fans will see this year is a “new look with more texture.” He continued: “The hair will be a bit more messy, more like his natural hair. There will be more layers, more body.” The designer added that, in order to achieve this ‘more natural’ look, he will “be cutting some of the extra hair that Robert had back in the day”. And it’s true – in April 2021, Pattinson will celebrate 10 years since marrying his wife, FKA Twigs, and it seems that his relationship with fashion hasn’t faded a bit over the years. In fact, he seems to be celebrating this milestone by throwing a party in London. It will be a fancy affair complete with fireworks, an open bar, and a performance by some of the biggest name in the country. It will be like a dream come true for any fashion fan.

Abraham also took the time to point out some of the key things that make Pattinson’s hair so unique. “I always compare JB’s work to an artist’s painting,” he said. “He brings a modern twist to classic Hollywood looks while staying true to the essence of the brand. If you look at old photos of Clark Gable, William Powell, and Spencer Tracy, you’ll see that JB has kept their essence alive while bringing a modern twist to the design.”

I have to admit, I was looking forward to seeing how Pattinson would keep his iconic hairdo through the years. It seemed like a genuine tribute to one of the greatest actors of our time. But, as we’ve established, this year was a grim one, and it didn’t have a happy ending for Pattinson. The 51-year-old actor lost his mother, Vanessa – who was also his manager – to cancer last year, and he has spoken openly about the difficult time this year presented him with. It’s fair to say that he hasn’t been the same since. And his hair, which he’s worn proudly throughout his acting career, has not been the same either.

A Newer You

In April 2021, People reported that Pattinson is trying to embrace a new look ahead of his 10th anniversary with wife, FKA Twigs. Not only is she the love of his life, but she’s also the creator of his new album, Too Good To True. The couple have a daughter, Hera Grace, and twins, Bob and Bill, and it seems that they’ve settled into fatherhood quite happily. That seems to be reflected in their playful videos on social media, where they show off their adorable kids and dance around to popular songs.

And how could he not? With his flawless physique and striking blue eyes, he is an attractive specimen of a man, and it seems that he’s embraced his role as a father by taking his kids on outings and celebrating their birthdays with them. In one of their own Instagram videos – which has been viewed over five million times – the couple show off their daughter, Hera, celebrating her fifth birthday. It’s a sweet video, but it also highlights the pressure that children can put on their parents. Just seeing your kids grow up is heartbreaking. And it’s something that Pattinson seemed to be grappling with last year. In December, he told the Daily Mail how much he adores his children and how much they mean to him. “I feel incredibly lucky,” he said. “I have the most amazing family, and we all get along really well. I love being a dad. It’s the best role I’ve ever played.”

More Texture

And what role could be more important than being a dad? It seems that Pattinson is trying to find the balance between being a stylish, older gent and a good father. As we’ve established, Abraham said that he will “bring more texture” to the iconic look. Well, we’re not quite sure what texture he means, but it seems that Pattinson is trying to incorporate more of his current life into his look. According to a new interview with The Guardian, Pattinson and Twigs are “obsessed” with texture”, and she went on to say: “If you look at old photos of William Powell and Clark Gable, you’ll see that they had a lot of texture in their hair.”

And it’s true – both William Powell and Clark Gable had an impressive amount of hair product in their grooming bag. It seems that the two gentlemen were so determined to achieve that famous ‘waving as you walk’ effect that they developed a new way of using their hands while brushing their hair. That’s something that Pattinson and Twigs are clearly trying to emulate; in fact, that’s the whole point of the above-mentioned anniversary party in London. It will be a celebration of their decade-long love affair and the birth of their beautiful children. It won’t be like any other party, as there will be no gifts apart from ones received from children. “This year will be really special,” Pattinson told Vanity Fair. “We’re both parents and want to celebrate our love for children while embracing the experience of parenthood.” That is so sweet. And it seems that Pattinson is trying to find a way to integrate both aspects of his life. While he will always be known for his beautiful hair, perhaps this year he will be remembered for the way he parented his children.