It was only a matter of time before the ‘Twilight’ starlet’s hair caught up with her. Since the end of the last decade, the style icon has had more than a few haircuts – some of which were quite radical. If you’re curious about what her hair looks like now, check out the most recent hauls.

The Short-Lipped Honeymoon

The ‘Twilight’ phenom may forever be linked to her iconic ‘20s-style bob, but that didn’t stop her from experimenting with other hair trends in the years following the blockbuster adaptation of ‘The Twilight Saga.’

While she kept the length of her hair relatively short, she sported a range of bold hairstyles throughout her marriage to filmmaker Rupert Sanders. This included a blonde tinted wave, a honeymoon honey-style cut and, most famously, a high and tight ponytail.

Many of these looks were inspired by Elizabeth Taylor. The two were rumoured to be good friends and Taylor often featured heavily in Kristen Stewart’s Instagram captions. It seems that the ‘Twilight’ star was emulating her friend and benefactor, who was known for her voluminous hair, strong personality and beautiful smile.

The Classic Blonde

Another fashion icon who inspired Kristen was Audrey Hepburn. The iconic blueness of the ‘Cocktail’ star’s eyes would later be emulated by the ‘Twilight’ beauty. While not as famous for her hair as Taylor or Hepburn, Stewart has managed to keep her hair relatively clean-flavoured and has worked hard to maintain its original shine. This, of course, didn’t stop her from experimenting with different hues after her wedding day. She was previously married to director Sam Taylor-Johnson and it was during their time together that she fell in love with the color brown. The two settled on a deep mahogany as their wedding hue and have stuck with it ever since. This is one of the reasons why Stewart’s hair is often compared to that of a berry.

The Low-Rise Haircut

When it comes to fashion icons, sometimes it’s not about what you wear, but how you wear it. Kristen Stewart has always been known for her unique way of styling her hair – especially since her very first film, ‘Melissa and Doug.’ The English actress would become renowned for her distinctive hairdo, which she often wore parted on the left side and swept to one side.

The style would gradually become her trademark and would be featured in numerous films throughout the 2000s. Stewart has always been known for having a very practical approach to her wardrobe and she would frequently reference how she planned to wash and style her hair in interviews. The actress has even gone as far as creating a tutorial on her website, detailing the steps necessary to achieve the desired look.

There have also been numerous magazine covers featuring the ‘Twilight’ starlet. One of the most memorable was a 2014 Vogue spread, which featured Stewart in a variety of gorgeous hairstyles. The iconic model and actress Elizabeth Taylor would go on to influence countless other actresses and styles, including J. Lo and Blake Lively.

The Braided Bun

The desire to experiment with hair extensions led to another of Stewart’s groundbreaking hairstyles. The actress has always been a fan of elaborate updos and she often accessorized with chandeliers and other fabulous items. One of her most recognizable looks is the braided bun, which she frequently dons for fashion shoots. This is a style that hasn’t gone out of fashion and it was last worn by a Hollywood A-lister in 2016. During that year’s Golden Globes, presenters talked about the ‘Mad Max’ actress’ hair in an interview, calling it “a look to die for.”

This style requires a lot of hair – a lot of hair. After applying her wig, Stewart would roll it into a compact ball, before securing it with an elastic band. Before going to bed, she would brush her hair, add more hairspray and pull it into a messy bun. The style is undoubtedly easy to recreate and it’s a look that would become popularized by influencers looking to add a little more flair to their haircuts.

The Layered Hair

Another way that Stewart has continued to evolve her hair is through layering. The style was first seen on the red carpet during the 2015 Academy Awards, when she wore a classic black dress and a stunning golden wig. Although the ‘Twilight’ beauty has kept the overall shape of her hair, she has added a few more layers. Thanks to her makeup artist, she now has a more youthful glow and she often uses concealers to prevent her from going gray.

In the past decade, hair has evolved alongside our fashion trends. Gone are the ‘90s big hair and extreme makeup. In its place are the likes of high-waisted jeans, bright colors and more natural looks. It seems that the fashion industry has taken note of this and many magazines and blogs have covered this topic, detailing why 2019 is the year of the natural look. This was evident in the run-up to and during the Oscars this year, when many celebs opted for wigs instead of hair extensions, to save money and to go platinum instead of gray.

Hair is a powerful tool and it can completely change the way you look. If you ever wanted to try a bold new look, you now know what style to copy!