The ‘Beatles: Fifty Years On’ exhibition at the BMW Museum in Munich, Germany, is one of the most popular shows in the city each year. Naturally, it would make sense that a lot of people are also looking forward to the chance to see one of the world’s most famous musicians, perhaps even meeting him or her in person.

Now, after 44 years since their break-up, the Fab Four will come face to face with the generations of fans that have kept the dream of the Beatles alive over the years. The exhibition at the BMW Museum will surely bring back many wonderful memories for people who have been waiting all this time to see their favourite band members again.

For those who are fortunate enough to be in Germany at the moment, there is an even more exciting event coming up. On Tuesday, 12 August, Robert Pattinson will be performing in concert at the famous Olympiastadion in Munich. The British actor is best known for his role as Edward Cullen in the ‘Twilight’ films and is one of the most popular celebrities in Germany – and probably the world. The concert is part of the München Music Summer Festival and will be sold out. The only way to see this legendary show is to get your tickets now, before they’re all gone!

The Ultimate Exhibition

The Beatles exhibition at the BMW Museum in Munich is certainly an exciting event, as it will allow fans to retrace the band’s most famous moments. However, it is not the only exhibition that fans will get to see. There will also be the opportunity to see various pieces of memorabilia and film and music equipment from the band’s illustrious career. Everything will be on display for everyone to see, including rare pictures, letters, and demos – the first time that some of these items have ever left England.

There will also be a display dedicated to the individual members of the Fab Four, which will be a good opportunity for fans to learn more about them. For those that don’t know very much about the band’s history, it will be an educational experience to see what has been collected over the years about them – from their early days to their break-up to the present. The exhibition is sponsored by Ludwig Biermann, a German beer company, and the Neue Licht (New Light) newspaper. The CEO of Ludwig Biermann and founding editor of Neue Licht, Ulf Poschmann, had this to say about the exhibition:

“The Beatles are regarded as global ambassadors for peace and love. The band is one of the most influential and influential musical groups of all time, not only in Germany but worldwide. One of the world’s most famous bands, with seven number one albums in the UK, not counting their film and television soundtracks and singles, the Fab Four made an indelible impression on the world with their unique brand of pop music. Our museums are a huge supporter of culture and have a responsibility to preserve culture, and the Beatles are a perfect example of how important it is to preserve the past and the stories that made it legendary. Seeing as how long it has been since the band’s last concert in Germany, this exhibition is a wonderful opportunity for longtime fans as well as a chance for newer fans to learn about the band and what makes them special. We are very happy to have supported this project and look forward to many more cultural encounters like this one in the near future.”

A Concert To Remember

Even if you are not a fan of the Beatles, you cannot deny that they have an incredible legacy. Since their break-up in 1970, the band members have constantly reunited and broken new ground musically and otherwise. Even today, they are one of the most successful and influential musical acts in history. With their concerts in Germany being such a great opportunity for fans who cannot get enough of the band, it is no wonder that hundreds of thousands of tickets were sold out in such a short amount of time. As the saying goes, when it comes to the Beatles, ‘they never really left.’

In order to celebrate the band’s 44th anniversary in 2021, the organizers behind the BMW Museum concerts decided to bring them back for one final hurrah. While tickets for the original shows sold out within minutes, the organizers had to bring in additional boxes of tickets for the German portion of the tour. Even the German band members’ families could not get tickets for the Olympiastadion show, so they were all let in for free. This was done so that they could see their sons and daughters play music they had spent their whole lives waiting to see.

The Beatles will be performing in a different city each night of the tour, with the final concert taking place at the Olympiastadion in Munich on 12 August. The stadium has a capacity of over 70,000 and will be the biggest crowd that the band has ever played in front of. Naturally, they will be playing some of their biggest hits, as well as some rare gems that have not been played in Germany for decades, such as ‘In My Life’ and ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’.

Ahead of the concert, there will be a free museum exhibition at the Olympiastadion dedicated to the band. Even better, the concert will be streamed live on the internet for those that cannot get enough of the Beatles. This will be the ultimate tribute to one of the most influential and famous bands in history, not just in Germany but worldwide. Tickets for the German portion of this year’s tour are on sale now, and more information can be found here. What will you do to celebrate the 44th anniversary of the Beatles?