As a fashion-style icon, Robert Pattinson has more than earned his well-deserved reputation for trendy, high-style dressing. But the actor’s distinctive appearance goes beyond mere fashion trends. Many have interpreted Pattinson’s popular style as a sign of some bigger cultural shift. After all, this was the guy who dressed up as a ninja for Halloween, right?

Pattinson has long been compared to Keanu Reeves, due in no small part to the fact that both actors often wear similar shades of brown – whether it’s the classic ‘70s busstop chic or the effortlessly-cool vibe of a Maloof MoneyBART shirt.

But, as with any long-running pop culture phenomenon, there are many reasons why the comparison to Mr. Reeves is so natural. Here, we’ll explore some of the fascinating stylistic similarities and differences between these two great actors.

They Both Wear Classic And Timeless Stylish Looks

One of the most noticeable stylistic similarities between Pattinson and Reeves is their affinity for classic, timeless looks. And it’s not just the superficial similarities such as the shades of brown they favor – it goes deeper.

In addition to their love for all things ‘70s, both actors are known for their pre-fame classic ‘twee’ style. In fact, Robert Pattinson even admitted that he dressed this way because he admired Reeves’ “slim and clean lines”.

But it wasn’t until after Keanu’s divorce from Jennifer Reeves that he really started to evolve as an actor. The Hollywood legend has since inspired many of his costars and even fans to experiment with more unique and eclectic wardrobes. Unfortunately, due to his in-demand acting schedule, it’s rare to see Keanu without a shirt on these days. And when he is, it’s usually a plain blue one.

One of the things that makes Matthew McConaughey such an attractive and unique character is that he is an expert at combining the traditional with the trendy. He wears beautiful and colourful dresses and shirts and has a great sense of style. He always puts his own spin on classic fashion combinations. One can’t help but think of Mr. McConaughey when observing Robert Pattinson’s style.

They Have Similar Body Types

While it’s not uncommon for actors to draw comparisons to other prominent figures due to their stylistic similarities, it’s quite rare for two entirely different-looking body types to be so in synch. But that’s exactly what’s happened with the middling height-shortened pairing of Keanu and Robert Pattinson.

Both actors are known for their athletic builds. And it’s not just a coincidence that they were both in the same league – American Football – as it’s the perfect sport for building muscle. In addition to their natural athleticism, both men are known for their work in the weight room. This is certainly a common practice for actors, but it’s quite an investment of time and effort to look this way. And, for some reason, it’s not often seen in films. Maybe it’s because the camera adds 10 pounds in Hollywood.

And, like Keanu, Robert Pattinson is also a fan of shirtless scenes. Many of his films feature him completely naked, which is quite a feat considering he usually wears a shirt. On the bright side, this makes him very easy to dress. Just take off his shirt and you’re good to go.

They Have The Same Sense Of Humor

Another interesting stylistic parallel between the two comes in the form of their sense of humor. Not only do they share the same dark sense of humor, but it’s also clear that they take their job — and their lifestyle — quite seriously. This can be seen in their choice of films and the way they respond to critical reviews. Keanu can be very dry and sarcastic when talking about his films or his acting. However, when it comes to reviews about his fashion choices, he often shows a more vulnerable side.

Similarly, Robert Pattinson has said in the past that he has considered fashion to be a “great way to deal with the pressure.” He’s always quick to joke around with the camera crew, but when it comes to acting, he takes his craft very seriously. This is clear in his choice of films and the way he reacts to critical reviews. Even when talking about fashion, he often switches to an acting mode, putting on a serious face with the camera.

This isn’t to say that they aren’t influenced by their jobs – they obviously are — but considering their choice of films and the way they behave on set, it’s quite clear that their sense of fashion and style is quite intentional.

They Have Similar Fashion Choices

If you’ve been paying attention to contemporary fashion trends, you’ll notice that there are some obvious stylistic parallels between the two. And it’s not just because of their shared ‘70s zeitgeist. For example, both Robert Pattinson and Keanu Reeves have made a name for themselves in the men’s fashion scene and have been known to inspire many stylistic choices in men and women alike.

But it’s not just about the style, either. The way the two men dress says plenty about their personalities. For example, both Keanu and Robert Pattinson have been known to wear many of the same high-end brands, which suggests that they may have co-branded outfits or that they wear the same stylings under different brands.

They Reflect The Revival Of Classic Fashion

This is a big one. If you take a look at the most popular and influential men’s fashion blogs and forums such as Rooster & Bear, you’ll often see many articles about the stylistic evolution of classic men’s fashion. It’s been a while since we’ve seen this kind of fashion-related content, especially in mainstream media. While it’s not necessarily a bad thing that we’re seeing more of this type of content, it does suggest that there’s a shift in the way men are looking at fashion.

This trend is most notable in the way that men are choosing to dress in simpler, yet classically stylish outfits. For example, many men are choosing to sport a slim-fit shirt with a bold print or solid colour and slim-fit or high-waisted jeans. And it’s not just about what’s happening in fashion blogs, either.

In 2015, men were estimated to spend around 4.6 billion U.S. dollars on clothing. And the forecast from 2022 is looking extremely promising, with expected revenue across all industries (clothing, footwear, accessories, and others) reaching 8.9 billion dollars.

The Future Of Style

There’s no question that both Keanu and Robert Pattinson have influenced many people with their distinct brand of fashion. It’s quite an accomplishment to have such a significant impact on fashion, especially considering they don’t wear suits to work. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing. As we’ve established, Keanu and Robert have been seen as a style inspiration in the past, but that doesn’t mean that their choice of wardrobew as an inspiration is a bad thing. In fact, it might even be a good thing. With more men choosing to wear classic and comfortable clothes, there’s no reason why we can’t all be more stylish.