Everyone’s favourite ginger bombshell, Rachel Weisz, has a brand new movie out this week, and if you want to find out what type of trousers her character, Amalie, wore in the movie, you need to know how to tell if Robert Pattinson wore green pants in his new movie.

The British actor plays Amalie’s husband, George, in the movie and he sported some very fashionable looking green pants in the film. So did Pattinson wear the pants for the whole movie, or did he swap them for some other pair of trousers? If you spot the actor wearing green and haven’t seen him wear them before, then it’s most likely that he wore the same pair of pants in the movie as in the trailer. But if you see him wearing different pants in the movie, it’s possible that he owned a pair of green pants and swapped them during a scene change. There’s also a chance that he had a different pair of green pants as well and we just didn’t get to see him wear them in this particular scene. So let’s take a look at how you can tell if Robert Pattinson wore green pants in his new movie, and whether or not we’ll ever see him wear them again.

Check The Trailer

If you haven’t seen the latest installment in the Sherlock Holmes series yet, then it’s most definitely worth seeing what all the fuss is about. The movie was released last week and it’s currently sitting pretty high in the box-office, which is always a good sign.

Unfortunately, the trailer for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows doesn’t give us much to go on. We see him walking a dog in the streets of London, we get a glimpse of his backside as he bends over to put a log on a fire, and we get a brief moment of Sherlock Holmes walking towards a bus stop. The only thing the trailer really gives us is that Robert Pattinson wears green pants. And that’s about it.

Sherlock Holmes isn’t the only famous character to wear green pants. Back in 2008, Daniel Craig made his cinematic debut as James Bond in Casino Royale and since then, the tradition of the spy character wearing the colour has continued with each new movie. It was only a matter of time before someone decided to match up our favourite gentlemen spy with his fashionable adversary.

Check The Set Photos

Getting a look at the set of a movie is always interesting, but it gets even better when you see the outfits that the actors and actresses wear while filming. This is because the sets for movies can be pretty spectacular, which means the outfits worn could be spectacular as well.

If you’ve never been to the set of a movie, then you may not know what to expect. Once you’re there, however, you’ll see that the outfits aren’t just for show, they’re practical too. When we see Nicola Thorley, who plays Amalie’s sister, Diana, in the movie, we get a clear look at what type of outfit she wore while filming. It’s a pretty spectacular dress isn’t it?

This look is made up of a floral patterned dress, which is quite the statement piece. It’s interesting to note that while this was a fantastic piece of clothing for the costume department, it was somewhat impractical for the actress portraying Diana. After all, it’s rather hot and humid where she is, which does make sense, considering she’s in the jungle. The set photos also show that she wasn’t the only one sporting some rather stunning outfits while filming either as the other leads, including Rachel Weisz, also wear some truly eye-catching outfits as well.

Checking the set photos for clues about the leads’ outfits is always fun, but it’s more interesting when you see what outfits the supporting characters wear as well. We see a lot of Sherlock Holmes’s colleagues, many of whom also play a role in the latest installment of the popular detective story. And what a role they play as well! All of them wear fantastic outfits while filming, which makes it easy to tell who’s who no matter who’s in the crowd.

Check The Characters’ Hair And Makeup

It’s always interesting to see the hair and makeup styles of the characters in a movie. This is because not only does it give you a peek into what the actors and actresses wore while filming, but the hairstyle and makeup can also tell you a bit about the personality and mindset of the character. This is particularly interesting with Sherlock Holmes, because he is most famously associated with a pair of brown spectacles, which are still worn today by aficionados of the detective.

The brown lenses are a symbol of the detective’s particular insight and skill. But what was the cause of his amazing intellect? Was it all due to his years of studying under the master, Sherlock Holmes? Or was there more to it than that? While we don’t know all there is to know about Sherlock Holmes’s background, we at least know that he was born in 1854 and attended university in London. So it stands to reason that his passion for studying and logic would lead to him becoming a detective, right?

Well, it isn’t that simple. The character of Sherlock Holmes is portrayed by Robert Pattinson in the movie and in the trailer, he’s shown with short, reddish brown hair, which isn’t quite on the realistic side for the Victorian-era detective. This is very similar to how he was portrayed in the original Sherlock Holmes story, where the detective’s hair was also short and reddish brown. So it would appear that the character is either going through some sort of hair-care treatment or the filmmakers are going for a more modern look. Regardless, it’s rather anachronistic and doesn’t quite fit the character.

Check The Style Of The Era

This is rather a broad topic, but it’s an important one. Simply put, understanding the fashion of an era can help you place it in historic context and even get a sense of what the dominant themes were at the time. This is why style historians like Janice Harrald pay such close attention to the way clothing is worn.

The trailers for Sherlock Holmes show us that the setting of the film is somewhere in the English countryside in the 1860s. This is reflected in the costume and set designers’ choice of fabrics, which are mostly rough hessian cloth and tweed.

Although, there is a splash of colour here and there, primarily in the form of a tartan print, the predominant colours are brown and green. It’s this affinity for tartan that ties the Sherlock Holmes movies into the modern day, as it was used as a pattern throughout the 70s and 80s.

The costumes for the film are rather remarkable, but it’s the styling of the era that really makes an impact. Here’s a look at some of the iconic items used in the film.

The kilt is, in fact, worn by all the men in the film and it provides the outfit with a rather authentic look. This is because the style was all the rage in the 1860s and is still worn by adults and teens alike today. The colour red was also very fashionable at the time and it’s worn by both the men and women in the film. This is reflected in their kilt patterns which are based on the well-known Scottish tartans – the red and yellow or white and blue tartans.

Another element that was all the rage in the 1860s is the paisley print. This is because it was used to decorate gentlemen’s socks, which were a common sight in those days and it continues to be a popular choice for decorating garments and accessories today. We see this pattern repeated throughout the film, so it would appear that this, too, was another popular choice in the 1860s.

Did Robert Pattinson Wear The Same Pants As In The Trailer?

It’s inevitable that the clothes we see in films will be put on display in other forms. Sometimes it’s just for fun and sometimes it’s for a better understanding of the era. This is why it’s rather important to try and put together an accurate picture of what the popular culture looked like, as this will help you place the film in context. Fortunately, there are instances where we get to see the film’s costumes and outfits alongside each other and this is when matching up the outfit with the trailer becomes rather easy. This is because the film’s cast and crew usually don’t change their clothes throughout the duration of the shoot, so the choices are mostly limited to either the wardrobe available or the personal styles of the actors and actresses.