Just when we thought the world was finally starting to go back to normal, another bombshell was dropped. Hollywood star Robert Pattinson has been spotted in Greece on holiday with his girlfriend, FKA twigs. However, there seems to be more to this story than first meets the eye…

Where Is He Staying?

According to a report from The Sun, Robert and FKA are staying at the Hotel Aroma in Mykonos, which is apparently part of the Melia Group. It is a five-star hotel, boasting a private beach, and is where Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks and other Hollywood stars stay when they are in town. It is also reported that the romance between the two famous faces is officially off, with FKA telling the press that she and Pattinson are just friends. However, there is no denying that the pair still enjoy spending time together.

What Are They Really Up To?

It has been a tough few months for Robert Pattinson. The 27-year-old actor was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. To prevent the spread of the disease, he was forced to cancel the remaining few tours on his schedule. He then took a break from the spotlight and stayed at home with his kids. According to sources, his stay at home order was even extended, as he was found to have mild symptoms of the condition.

No More Tours

While many stars chose to keep working during lockdown, the former Twilight star chose to take a step back from public life. In a post on his Twitter account, he wrote: “Just to clarify, no more tours. From here on in, it’s just family and friends. We’re taking it easy and revelling in this time off.” The news soon spread through social media, and fans were disappointed to hear that there would be no more concerts and no-shows from the star. The tour cancellations were further complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic, as promoters were hesitant to put other people’s health at risk by continuing to host the shows.

An Unwanted Encounter?

It wasn’t only the COVID-19 pandemic that came between Pattinson and his fans. The British actor was also forced to cancel the remaining dates of his Believer tour due to poor health. The tour was originally supposed to be a massive summer tour called Farewell Tour, with Robert Pattinson joining forces with his twin brother, Charlie, to perform together for the first time in over a decade. The cancellation of the tour was a major blow to the fans who had spent months planning the event. It was also another example of how the pandemic had thrown a wrench into the carefully crafted plan. The brothers had always planned on performing separate sets, as the last thing they want is to endanger each other’s health by sharing a microphone.

A Major Blow To The Industry

The twin brother’s reunion tour was just one of the many big-name concert cancellations that the COVID-19 pandemic had caused. A number of major stars had to call it quits, including Lady Gaga, Elton John, Ariana Grande and others. Many others chose to postpone or cancel their tours as a precautionary measure, as they weren’t sure how the pandemic would play out. However, some stars such as Taylor Swift kept performing as normal, despite initial concerns about whether or not she would be able to fulfill her commitments. The music industry was dealt a serious blow by the pandemic, with many concerts and tours being cancelled. It would be a long time before fans could enjoy a music scene in the same way once more.

The Reemergence Of Robert Pattinson

While many stars chose to take a step back from public life during the pandemic, it wasn’t just about keeping quiet. Some stars had even removed their names from the biggest award shows and opted out of attending the Academy Awards in protest against the lack of engagement from the Academy during the pandemic. However, it was apparent that some stars wanted to get back on camera and prove that they were still capable of delivering high-quality performances.

A Change Of Plans

Perhaps realizing that his health was the most important thing at the moment, Robert Pattinson changed the plans he had for his well-deserved retirement. Instead of kicking back and enjoying the time off with his family, Pattinson has reportedly decided to take on one last adventure. According to a report from The Independent, he has changed his travel plans and is now set to fly to Greece for a reunion with FKA twigs.

Who Is FKA Twigs?

If you’ve never heard of FKA twigs, that’s probably because she hasn’t been on this Earth very long. The 23-year-old multisexual musician was born Fatima Kelly Anwar and was raised in London. She started creating music at a young age and eventually grew to become one of the most exciting new artists in the world. While many musicians struggle to find success at a young age, FKA twigs was able to build a substantial audience thanks to her unique and captivating sound. It’s not only her music that is garnering praise, as she has become a prominent voice in the feminist movement, using her platform to speak out against sexism, racism and other injustices.

The Pro-Feminist, Anti-Oppressive Message

There is undoubtedly a message in all this chaos: patriarchy, white supremacy and other oppressive systems run this world, and they need to be destroyed in order for true equality to be achieved. The feminist movement, led in part by women like FKA twigs, is fighting tirelessly for gender equality and against all forms of oppression. It would seem that Robert Pattinson has heard the call, and is choosing to heed the advice of his brother, Richard, who once said: “You may be able to bully and control people but you can’t control their minds.” The two are reportedly planning on raising money for charity in Greece, which is where some of their activism stems from. It would appear that Richard’s words have finally penetrated Robert’s thick skull, and that he is determined to use his celebrity for the greater good in the final days before his retirement.

The world needs more stars like Robert Pattinson. While many may still perceive celebrities to be glorified figureshead, the COVID-19 pandemic has proven that celebrities can still play a very important role in society. It would appear that while many may have lost their jobs, their fame has not diminished and they are still able to inspire change. The world will be a better place once more celebrities put their talents to constructive use rather than wasting their time and that of others. Let’s hope that Robert Pattinson’s last adventure is a healthy one and brings him comfort in his old age.