Hosting the World’s Greatest Home Cook Off has been an incredible honour. It’s been an incredible opportunity to experience the world as a whole, through the lens of a cake.

Whether you’ve been following the competition or just heard of it, you’ll know that the star-studded event has shaken the world of baking. With fans across the globe, there’s never been a better time to be a part of the British Bake Off family.

So, whether you’re the next big thing in baking or have secretly wished you could experience the sensation of making an Olympic gold medallion, this year’s BBC Foodie Special is the event for you. It may be the last chance to make your family and friends smile, as the tournament will be taking place entirely online following the conclusion of this year’s competition.

The Surprise Surge In Online Cake Baking

This year, the competition was made even more special as it was the last chance to bake for the wonderful Mary Berry. With the grandaddy of all bake-offs just round the corner, it was as good a time as any to bake that perfect chocolate fudge cake or lemon drizzle tart that Mary has taken the world by storm with.

Baking has always been a hobby for many people. In the 21st century, however, getting the perfect slice has become an obsession for those looking to master a second language or for those who simply want to spend time with their family.

Here in the UK, we’re no stranger to kitchen gadgets. From automated egg beaters to pressure cookers, there are countless gadgets making even the simplest of tasks a breeze. But what about the humble cake?

Certainly, there’s no denying that technology has eased the way we live our lives. It’s meant that often, the little things in life can feel like a luxury. For those looking to bake the perfect slice, digital cake makers are now available to make even the most complicated of baking projects a reality. From chocolate fudge to lemon drizzle, macarons to brownies – these days, a cake can be created without leaving the comfort of your home.

The Rise In Online Cake Communities

When you’re stuck in the house with nothing to do, the best way to spend time is by diving into a world of cake. With so much content available online, there are hundreds of communities where you can join online cake-baking forums and chat with bakers from all over the world. It’s never been easier to find the answers to all your baking questions and, in many cases, get help from experts who have cooked and tested the recipe you’re struggling with.

In these communities, you’ll find people prepared to help in any way they can. Whether it’s answering your baking queries or showing you the proper way to use a particular tool or technique, you’ll find people willing to lend a helping hand. And for someone looking to learn, there are many experts willing to teach you the ropes. So, whether you’re looking to perfect a recipe, need some tips on how to bake smarter or want to find someone to chat with, there’s an online community waiting for you.

How to Bake The Perfect British Bake Off Cake

With only a few days to go until the British Bake Off finale, it’s time to start getting those recipes ready. If you’re looking to bake the perfect British Bake Off cake, where should you start?

Certainly, if you’ve ever wished you could master the art of making an Olympic gold medallion, then the first step is to start from the very beginning. First of all, select a recipe that you feel confident will give you the results you’re looking for. Preferably, this will be a tested and confirmed winner from one of the previous years’ competitions. Remember, with each new batch, you should be able to get better results. So, if this is the case, why not try again and again until you get it right?

Now, you don’t need to rush into buying expensive kit to get started. Many of the recipes called for in this article are simple and can be made using items already in your kitchen. With only a few shortcuts, you’ll be able to whip up a batch of chocolate fudge in no time at all. All you need is a little bit of time to spend in the kitchen and the desire to give it a go.

The Best Equipment You’ll Need

While we’re on the subject of equipment, let’s not forget about the most vital tool of all – your hands. You’ll need to be extremely careful when handling hot ovenware as the instant you feel even the slightest prick of heat, you’ll know your body has no tolerance for hot surfaces. While we can’t always avoid touching hot surfaces when baking, we can always take precautionary measures to make sure our hands are safe.

Similarly, you’ll need to be extra careful when using sharp tools. From paring knives to cake cutters, ensure that these are properly sharpened and kept away from children and pets. Also, when using metallic foil, take care not to touch the sharp edges as they can cause serious injury. And finally, make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly after using metallic foil or other sharp tools as germs from these can also be harmful to your health.

When it comes to mixing, kneading and whisking, you’ll need a proper mixing bowl and some proper mixing equipment. With a hand mixer, you can mix together cake batters, bread dough and even pastry dough, all with the touch of a button. Be careful not to overuse these types of mixers though as they can become a bit erratic when used frequently. Plus, over time, they can deteriorate and need to be replaced.

Next up, we have the paddle blade mixer. Similar to a hand mixer but in a different shape, these mixers are still versatile enough to be used for both dry and wet mixing tasks. With the wet-mixing option, you can incorporate both dry and liquid ingredients into a single mass, which in turn, will make it simpler to bake. It’s also worth noting that these types of mixers are quieter than their counterparts and have a better build quality, too. So, if you’re looking for a mixer to blend family gatherings, friends’ weddings and other social events, then these options will be worth considering.

Avoid Anything That Could Go Wrong

No one is an expert in every subject, so it’s inevitable that you’ll make a mistake from time to time. When this happens, all you can do is learn from your mistakes and move on. The key thing is to remain calm and collected throughout the process. Trying to regain control once you’ve already messed up can be difficult, especially when you’re in the middle of a stressful situation. This type of thinking can also make you more prone to errors, which in turn, could cost you some precious baking time. So, for the best results, avoid multitasking, stay calm and take your time. Even if you bake regularly, you’ll still need to work at becoming a better baker. So, there’s always room for improvement, even for the most experienced of chefs.

Now, what if you did everything right and your cake still turned out terrible? There are a few things you could try, but before you do, take a little bit of time to think about what went wrong. First, make sure you had everything you needed. Did you use the right baking equipment? Were your hands clean while you were mixing? Did you leave enough time for the cake to cool down before you tried to cut it?

These questions should be able to guide you to a definite answer, so if you still can’t pinpoint what went wrong, then it’s time to switch gears and try again with another recipe. Sometimes, a bad batch is the result of a mistake you made during the process. So, by learning from this mistake, you’ll be able to produce a better result next time around. It’s all about personal improvement, after all.

Take Your Time

It’s always tempting to want to get a batch of cake done as soon as possible. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get dinner on the table or wanting to take your dog for a walk. But when you’re aiming for perfection, take your time and do it right. Putting too much pressure on yourself can result in you rushing the process and getting a poor result. This is why, when you’re baking, it’s important to take your time and do everything properly.