Turning Point

In May 2009, Robert Pattinson’s life changed forever when he was cast as Edward Cullen in the hugely successful Twilight series. The handsome Brit now finds himself in a whole other world of stardom, and it’s definitely a different experience to just going to work each day. He has so much admiration for his Twilight co-stars, namely Taylor Lautner and Nikki Reed, and has admitted that he feels fortunate to have been part of such a unique story. He also finds solace in the fans’ adoration, noting that he’s received more love from audiences than he could ever hope for.


It’s been a crazy journey so far for the 33-year-old actor, and he’s not shy in expressing his gratitude to those who helped make his dream come true. While on the red carpet for the premiere of the final installment in the Twilight saga, Eclipse, in 2012, he talked about his newfound stardom and the transformation of his life.

“I feel like I’ve been very blessed,” he said.”I’m so grateful to those guys for giving me this opportunity, this platform. It’s been an amazing ride so far, and it’s just the beginning.”

Pattinson’s grateful remarks would prove to be prophetic, as his life, career, and circumstances certainly took a monumental upturn from that point on. The actor went on to star in high-profile films like the gritty Criminal Minds, the comic book adaptation The Batman, and the independent drama Clouds of Silshen, while also developing an acting style that’s unique to himself. He now resides in Los Angeles, where he continues to pursue his career.

There’s no question that Robert Pattinson’s life changed forever when he was cast as Edward Cullen in Twilight. Not only did he experience an incredible surge in popularity, with his Instagram following hitting 100 million in early 2018, but he also made history as the first and only actor to play a vampire in a straight-to-video adaptation of a Stephenie Meyer novel. The actor is clearly humble and grateful for this unique chance that changed his life forever, and it’s a testament to his character that he continues to embrace his new found fame, even as his acting career enters a new phase.