Most people know that Hedgehog Day is a holiday that celebrates the triumph of labour over the idle wealthy, but did you know that it also marks the unofficial start of the summer holiday season? That’s right – the last week of April seems to have sprung forward, and with it a host of unofficial festivities.

The first of these is of course the classic Wimbledon Championships, but the biggest summer holiday of the year is undoubtedly the unofficial tail-end of the summer – the British summer – which starts with the glorious Glorious Twelfth and culminates in glorious fashion with the fireworks-packed summer finale, the Edinburgh Festival.

The unofficial start of the summer holiday season in the UK is a time for families to get together, friends to socialise, and for nature to reawaken after its long winter slumber. What better way to enjoy the coming of the (soon to be) warm Southern seasons than by heading to the cinema and getting lost in a film?

If you’re an avid film-lover, then the 2022 edition of the Edinburgh Festival will delight you. Not only do you get to catch the beautiful British weather with a classic Hollywood-style spectacular, but you’ll also be able to feast your eyes on some of the best new British and international talents in film and theatre alike. You won’t miss a performance if you’re there – the best seats in the house are always going to be the most coveted, and rightfully so. Don’t forget, this is the place that invented the blockbuster, and you’ll be able to see lots of them – both old and new – at the premiere of a brand new musical by Joe Esposito that’s bound to become a stage hit.

Another event that draws a lot of attention is the London Film Festival. Now in its 30th iteration, the festival is famous for its international scope and eclecticism, with a reputation as the go-to festival of choice for bold and innovative films from around the globe. This year, the festival will be celebrating its 30th anniversary, and as well as screening lots of wonderful films, it will also be holding special events and Q&As with some of the biggest and most famous names in entertainment. If you’re a fan of animation, you won’t want to miss a single one of the festival’s legendary animated films. Whether you’re a gamer, a Disney fan, or just want to be able to brag about seeing the coolest movies first, do not miss out on the opportunity to see them at the London Film Festival.

Summers Aren’t Coming to An End – Yet

While the last few months of 2021 will be drawing to a close, bringing us closer to the return of the ‘real’ seasons, the summer of 2022 is already drawing nearer. With the temperatures becoming more apparent, it’s time to pack up and head for the beach. But while being on the beach is certainly beautiful, it’s not always the most comfortable of activities. That’s why many people choose to spend their summer holidays in a caravan or a bungalow, far away from the coast. There’s also the option of taking a gap year, something that’s becoming more and more common as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Having said that, the UK government has also introduced a new ‘stay at home’ working scheme that allows employees to work remotely, something that will no doubt become a popular option for those who can pursue their passion for film work.

The Rise Of The ‘New Hollywood’

Now more than ever before, film is a medium that resonates with audiences across the world. Thanks to the global reach of social media and the internet, audiences have greater access to films than ever before. As a result, there is great opportunity for film-makers to capitalise on this trend and to reach new and existing audiences alike. This ‘new’ Hollywood – the ‘new’ referring to the changing face of Hollywood during the 2010s – is defined by bold and innovative storytelling, unique and interesting characters, strong female protagonists, and unprecedented special effects.

Hollywood has always been a place where big-budget, block-busting movies are manufactured to guarantee massive profits. These days, more and more independent film-makers are looking to buck the trend and to tell unique, personal stories in a way that will resonate deeply with niche audiences. The independent film scene is one of the most vibrant and exciting in film history, with blockbusters like Black Panther and The Meg adding to the growing popularity of films like A Quiet Place and Dark Water. As well as being a place where big-budget movies are concerned, Hollywood is also a place where small-scale indies can have a real go at making something special – something that will draw in audiences and critics alike. If you’re a film-lover, then the opportunity to see some truly great movies awaits you.

Why Are Audiences Increasingly Embracing Virtual Reality?

While traditional cinema continues to enjoy increased popularity, audiences are looking for more from their movie-going experience. Virtual reality is quickly becoming a popular choice among movie-goers, with many embracing the technology in a way that will surprise you. If you’re a gamer or a frequent traveller, then the appeal of a virtual reality cinema experience is obvious. You aren’t necessarily tied to a physical location, and therefore you can enjoy a movie wherever you choose. The immersion into a fully realised world, transported to you through an incredible piece of hardware, is drawing people in – regardless of whether they have previous experience with virtual reality or not.

This trend is especially apparent in Japan, where the technology has been around for much longer and cinema screens have largely been replaced by virtual reality headsets. Companies like Oculus and Rift have made huge investments in their virtual reality hardware, and the demand for virtual reality cinema is clearly evidenced through frequent updates to their devices. The success of Black Panther helped catapult virtual reality into the mainstream, and the appetite for more is evident through brands like Altspace and The Rift Corporation – which created the Rift camera – rapidly expanding into the mainstream consumer electronics space. If you’re a gamer, festival-goer, or simply a movie-lover, then look no further – this is the place to be in summer 2022.