If you follow international celebrity news, you’ll know that actor Robert Pattinson was at the center of a media storm
after he was featured on the cover of German men’s edition of GQ magazine. Pattinson is seen here with a
venerable mustache and smoking a cigar, which has become a kind of trademark for the actor. This was not
the first time that he graced the cover of a men’s magazine, but it was certainly the most prominent as
well as the most anticipated as it was his first international appearance in two years. What happened
between then and now that made the world take notice of this most eligible bachelor?

The Dirty Bit

Pattinson has always been rather private. He didn’t give many interviews, and even fewer to the media. He
never really went the extra mile to land a movie role either. As a result, he mostly kept a low profile,
working on his acting and music projects. He rarely dated or spent time with girls, choosing to focus on
his career. However, after being away from the limelight for so long, the actor must have felt a sense of
urgency to impress the world with his newfound confidence and charisma. What better way to do that than
by making daring, high-profile appearances?

He began 2017 with a bang, appearing at the Golden Globes to pick up a statuette for his role in
The Batman. A few months later, he jetted off to Venice for the 69th annual Venice Film Festival to premiere
his latest film, Pattinson. There were lots of memorable moments in Venice, not least of which was
Pattinson’s jaw-dropping introduction video. In it, he called out the prominent figures of the entertainment
industry, including Harvey Weinstein, whose company The Weinstein Company produced the movie.

Pattinson has always been rather unique. Not only is he handsome, with a dark complexion, but he’s also
an accomplished musician and an accomplished actor. In addition to The Batman, which he both wrote and
performed, he also starred in the films Good Time, which he also co-wrote and co-produced, and Pattinson,
which he also directed. Most notably, he voiced the titular character in the animated blockbuster
My Little Pony: The Movie. With so much going for him, it’s no surprise that women have swooned over
the handsome star since day one.

The Good Time Tour

Pattinson began his good time tour in Australia in February 2017. During this time, he held court at
various social events and spent lots of quality time with fans. To show his appreciation, he gave several
talks and interviews to the media, including the Sydney Morning Herald. There, he expressed how grateful
he was to be living in such a beautiful country and how lucky he was to have found a home Down Under. He
also promised to bring his A-Game and to make the most out of the few opportunities that he had
here. It was then that we here at GQ learned that he would be hitting the road again soon. We didn’t have
tattoos at the time, but we are starting to see a lot of people wearing them as a sign of appreciation for
the good times that they had when they heard about the upcoming tour. For those who missed out, don’t
worry — you can still catch a glimpse of the English gent and his luscious locks on his Instagram page.

Mad Love

While we were enraptured by the promise of more Pattinson in our near future, some people were a
bit perplexed by his erratic behavior. In the past, he had always been rather steady and reliable,
especially since he had found fame and fortune. While he may have kept his personal life somewhat private,
there were no scandals to speak of. His previous relationships had all been very civil and had mostly
centered around his work. Although he had dated a few women in the past, he had never expressed any real
romantic feelings for any of them. That changed in October 2017 when he was snapped passionately kissing
a mystery woman on the set of his latest film, Eclipse.

The timing of this affair was rather curious. Just a month before, Pattinson had picked up
a gorgeous, young blonde at a Hollywood party, which quickly turned into an on-camera fling. The next day, he
was seen sporting a strange tattoo on his chest, as well as a matching one on his neck. It has since been
discovered that this is a coded language known as ‘mad love.’ He has since then been seen kissing,
falling asleep in the arms of, or sharing an intimate moment with a number of women. Many are calling
this a ‘metaphysical crisis,’ with some even going as far as to suggest that this behavior could pose a
threat to his health. As someone who has always kept a relatively healthy lifestyle, he may be facing
battery charges for the way he has been treating his girlfriend, but it’s unclear whether or not these
allegations hold water. What is clear is that we are about to witness the Robert Pattinson show as
he embarks on a carnival ride of a romantic life. Let the games begin!