It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Robert Pattinson. The 26-year old actor from England has been busy promoting his new movie, Good Time, but he still makes the occasional appearance at some of the world’s most luxurious fashion and lifestyle events.

Last month, we got a peek at the new Robert Pattinson through his appearances at the Met Gala and the 2019 Golden Globes. The English actor looked dashing in a classic tuxedo and an overcoat, respectively. He also posed for a memorable photo shoot with Vogue in April 2019.

The year 2020 will mark the twentieth anniversary of Pattinson’s first major role in the Harry Potter film series. As a result, he has been swamped with movie offers over the past two decades. However, he has turned down most of these projects, choosing instead to focus on his music career. The movie Good Time, in which he stars opposite Mia Wasikowska, opens in theaters this Friday.

The Director

The highly-anticipated film Good Time is directed by Stephen Frears (The House of Gucci, Dangerous Sport), and tells the story of Charlie, a charming but dangerous man who is released from prison and decides to remake his life to become a better husband and father. Though it stars Robert Pattinson, the movie is not related to his Potter character, Ron Weasley. In fact, the film’s director Stephen Frears explains that this is most likely the first of many collaborations for Pattinson.

“We’re going to work together on many different projects, I think,” laughs Frears. “He’s a force to be reckoned with. He has this incredible screen presence and charisma. He draws you in easily. The more I work with him, the more I like him.”

The Cast

Mia Wasikowska, for her part, is making her screen debut in Good Time. The 28-year old Australian actress previously starred in Aussie horror movie The Babadook, and will next be seen in Steven Spielberg’s The Secret Society.

The English actress Millicent Simmonds, who plays Charlie’s love interest and eventual wife, Rosie, last appears in the movie Thicker than Water. Simmonds has starred in a number of films, including Sex Education and The Gucci Shop, and has more recently been seen on TV in Netflix TV mini-series, The King.

Joining them is Jason Clarke, who appears in films such as Villains and Black 47 alongside Robert Pattinson. Here’s a man who knows a thing or two about playing the bad guy. For more on this, check out our list of the top 50 villains of all time.

Why PETA Donated New Clothes

While posing for Vogue in April, English actor Robert Pattinson mentioned that animal rights group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), had donated clothes to the cast and crew of Good Time. He added that the designers who dressed them were also generous in their support. “We got a lot of help from different designers,” Pattinson said. “And PETA, who we’ll be working with in the near future on another project, came up with these amazing designs. And so we’re really grateful to PETA for that. They’ve been incredible.”

PETA is a supporter of animal rights and veganism, and often donates clothes and other items to those who need them most. Some of their past designs have included t-shirts, shorts, and leggings for men and women, as well as sweatshirts, hoodies, and socks. One of the most generous donations from PETA is a full wardrobes of clothes for women and children.

The Cinematography

According to the reviews, Good Time’s cinematography is beautiful and haunting. The movie was shot using a combination of traditional and digital cinematography, creating a dreamlike atmosphere that draws you into the thick of things quickly. Digital cinematography allows the director to quickly make changes to the set during filming without having to worry about wearing out the camera’s film. This is especially useful when dealing with scenes that require a lot of camera movement. It also allows for more flexibility with the scheduling of shoots, as there is no need to wait for the sun to rise or set.

The gorgeous black-and-white cinematography of Good Time was inspired by classic silent film era. The English director Stephen Frears, who shot the movie, says he wanted to evoke the style of early movie great, William Powell (The Thin Man). “I thought it would be nice to have a film with a more vintage look and feel to it,” said Frears. “I thought it would fit the mood of the story well.”

The Costumes

The costumes for Good Time are exquisite. Costume designer, Christian Lacroix, gave each character their individual look, and even went as far as to suggest hairstyle and makeup variations for the actors to choose from. The overall look of the film is an ode to the glorious era of 1920s Hollywood. Lacroix draws inspiration from that time period, and brings the feeling of that era to life through her designs.

In keeping with the historic theme, Lacroix designed many of the costumes using organic, vintage fabrics that she was unable to find in any modern furniture store. She also used a lot of fur in her designs, as it was extremely fashionable at the time to wear furs in the streets.

The Music

The music for Good Time is an all-star lineup, featuring the pop music of the day along with some truly iconic tunes. While most of the songs are relatively unknown, the audience will certainly know the words to the hits. The soundtrack for the movie was curated by the great British composer, James Horner, who has previously worked with the likes of Taylor Swift, Ryan Gosling and Mark Wahlberg. And yes, he did score the film Apollo 13.

Horner saw the script for Good Time many years ago and could not resist the opportunity to score such an iconic story. “It has all the elements I love in a story,” said Horner. “It’s about a charming rogue who has just got out of prison and he is determined to be a better person. I love the idea of a good thief trying to turn his life around and go straight. I thought it would make for an interesting contrast with all the action going on around him.”

The Locations

Good Time is primarily set in the northern parts of England and Scotland, which is not necessarily a bad thing. One of the main reasons for this is that the director, Stephen Frears, was determined to recreate the atmosphere of the 1920s, particularly that of the roaring twenties, which were a time of great prosperity and cultural change in Europe. So he chose the UK as the primary location for the movie, rather than somewhere cooler like Italy or France, just so that he could capture that timeless feeling of the era.

However, the UK is not quite as glorious in real life as it is on the big screen. Though there are a lot of glorious years in between the end of World War I and the outbreak of World War II, a great deal of the country still struggled financially in those days. This is probably why the majority of the action in Good Time takes place either at night or in the early morning hours, when the streets are virtually deserted. It also adds to the movie’s noir feel, as the city streets are not brightly lit like they normally are during the day. This gives the movie a slightly more gritty feel, as you don’t get as distracted by the beauty of the scene as you would in a well-lit setting.

The Trailer

The Good Time trailer is a sight to behold. The cast of the movie seem somewhat reluctant to talk about it, but it’s clear that the film is going to be something special. A combination of beautiful cinematography and haunting music, along with some truly iconic fashion and hairstyle choices, the trailer for Good Time is guaranteed to delight fashion fans and moviegoers alike.