It’s no secret that Rob Pattinson is one of our favourite Hollywood stars. The gorgeous British hunk appears to fit in perfectly with the elite group of A-List celebs, effortlessly mixing high society and cinema into one glamorous lifestyle.

While we were always big fans of his work, it was not until recently that Rob’s star quality began to shine through on screen. With some incredible performances in 2017 – including two Golden Globe nominations – it’s clear that Hollywood has discovered the actor.

The Ledge

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Michael Clayton. The Hollywood thriller, which stars Matt Damon as a corporate fixer and Rob as one of his employees, was one of our top 10 movies of 2017. Not only was it incredibly tense, but it also showcased Rob’s dramatic talent in full.

While we were happy to see him land a role that saw him get to showcase his skills, it was not until recently that we found out exactly what part he was playing. When Michael Clayton was first released, there was some confusion as to whether or not Matt was in fact directing Rob’s character. With the help of co-stars and an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the mystery was finally solved, allowing us to appreciate the perfect performance more.


As excited as we were to see Disney’s live-action remake of its classic 1992 film, Trolls, arrive on our screens, we were even more thrilled to see Rob Pattinson in the starring role. Indeed, the beautiful British actor not only managed to embody the essence of a troll, but he delivered one of the best performances of 2017.

The film, directed by Boaz Yakin and written by David Heyman, is set in present day New York City and centres on a quartet of mischievous trolls who set out to seduce and destroy all the women in Manhattan. While it’s not exactly a subtle comedy, Trolls saw Rob step into the shoes of a completely different creature to that which he is usually cast in – namely, jokesters and pranksters – and show us a previously unseen comedic side.

With his unique blend of charm, confidence, and comic timing, Rob brought the comedic element to the fore. His performance was such that it even won him a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedic Role, which was well earned.

The Lost City Of Z

We were very impressed with the first installment of the Blade Runner series, Blade Runner 2049. The film not only introduced us to a world we had never truly known, but it also showed us more of the director’s unique vision and knack for drama. What’s more, it featured a fantastic, transformative Villain – Jared Leto’s Roy – who turned out to be exactly what the role demanded.

The film opens with a quote from H. G. Wells: “History ceases to be history when you know how it happened.” Indeed, in The Lost City Of Z, based on Hillman Cole’s 1969 novel of the same name, history is rewritten and reality is turned upside down. The epicentre of the story is the city of Z, an example of Mayan architecture in the Yucatán Peninsula. Here, an Englishman, Charlie Rees, travels to the city seeking the happily ever after that his ex-wife, Estelle, promises him but fails to deliver. In a quest to find answers about the nature of love and what makes a family, Charlie uncovers the truth about his wife’s family and the disappearance of Z.

While we had seen some of the city’s magnificent temples and plazas, it was only in The Lost City Of Z that we learned of their true significance. Weaving, jaguar-skinning, and carving were once the city’s main industries, but these days, much of the populace earns a living pulling the levers and turning the wheels on a giant electronic puppet show.

For much of the film, we are left to wonder about Charlie’s true identity. Although the British actor dons an accent for the duration of the film, his true voice is not quite as distinct as we would have liked. We realize this is because he is performing in a Bollywood movie, which often requires a North Indian accent, and not because he shares a DNA link with Richard Simmons.

Despite this, The Lost City Of Z is a spectacularly executed spectacle, one that makes significant strides in the right direction for what was once considered a dated genre. That it is based on a novel is no mean feat, considering the source material is credited with revolutionizing the genre with groundbreaking plot twists and character developments. We are very much looking forward to the second installment.

Mad Max: Last Of The Mohicans

Finally, we come to the one and only Mad Max: Last Of The Mohicans. There’s something about watching the great Henry VIII play Jimmy Maxwell and Tom Hardy roam the big blue sea that just makes us yearn for nature and for adventure. Here, in the latest installment of the Mad Max series, Mad Max: Last Of The Mohicans, we are treated to some of the finest performances from its cast, led by Mel Gibson, who channels the spirit of legendary explorer Laurence Bonaparte more accurately than ever before. Gibson’s portrayal of the flamboyant French general was so exceptional that he won him a British Academy Award for Best Actor and a Golden Globe nomination – as did the film itself.

Based on the James J. Ward novel The Last of the Mohicans (1873), Mad Max: Last Of The Mohicans is a prequel to the original 1975 film, Mad Max, and focuses on the adventures of four Native Americans – Scar Jagged (Tribal Max), Bilky Peckerwood (Max’s brother), Nuke Kaiser (the film’s protagonist), and Strum (Max’s best friend) – as they journey from the American West to the Russian front during the waning days of WWI. Along the way, the men encounter a fierce enemy – the German Empire – as well as some unexpected allies – the British and French empire – in this historical epic that spans over 100-years of World Peace.

While the film has no precise release date, it is expected to hit theaters in Spring 2018. We can’t wait to see Gibson, Hardy, and their fellow actors channel the titans of industry that were the elite of England’s Golden Age in the year 2037.