Robert Pattinson and George Clooney have been at the center of attention for two of the most iconic films of all time: the first being 2012’s The Great Gatsby, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and the second being 2014’s The Monuments Men. The pair have been tabloid fodder ever since news of their affair broke, causing fans to speculate about their future as a couple. Now that they’re engaged to be married, it’s time to find out how their costumes for these classic films fit a romantic comedy setting.

The Great Gatsby

Set in the Roaring Twenties, The Great Gatsby tells the story of Nick Carraway, a well-bred New York City financial lawyer who, on a yacht trip to Athens, meets the man of his dreams, Jay Gatsby. The pair hit it off and begin a friendship that slowly turns into something more. Gatsby eventually confesses his deep love for Carraway’s sister, Daisy, and the two embark on a passionate affair that lasts for three years. When the film was released in 2012, it became the highest-grossing film of all time, not only in North America but across the world as well. It’s been popular ever since, winning multiple Oscars, including Best Picture and Director. The costume designer for this iconic film was a genius in crafting a look that flatters both Carraway and Daisy, as well as the other women in the film. The key item of clothing that stood out was the Daisy Buchan Necklace (Black Diamonds). This necklace was worn by Carraway’s younger sister, Daisy, but was given to Nick as a present after he helped her to escape her husband, Tom.

While in Greece, Nick visited the island of Matos, which is where most of the film was shot. On the way back to the yacht, Nick stops at a store that sells exquisite and expensive jewelry. This is where Daisy comes in, demanding that Nick buy her a necklace similar to the one she just seen on a woman on the Greek island. He complies and, in the process, buys a ring for himself. The salesperson hands the necklace to Nick, and Daisy sees it as she walks down the aisle. A brilliant costume by Madames de Rougemont (Dior) and Marion Coutts (Dior), this necklace has been worn by many top Hollywood stars since then, including Halle Berry, Emily Blunt, and Margot Robbie, who recently wore it while filming her scenes for the upcoming box office hit, My Wedding Gift. The Great Gatsby’s costume designer described the necklace as “the sexiest piece of jewelry [she] had ever designed.”

The Monuments Men

Based on the popular 2011 book by Robert M. Edelman, The Monuments Men follows a group of French, German, and Italian art experts who, at the urging of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, join forces to locate and save art works stolen by the Nazis during World War II. While in Paris, the team uncovers a Nazi plot to steal centuries-old masterpieces from France and ship them to Germany. Many of these pieces of art were hidden by the Nazis and saved by the team, who then returned them to their countries of origin. Co-directed by George Clooney and Robert Pattinson, The Monuments Men was released in 2014 and became one of the highest-grossing films of all time. Like its predecessor, The Great Gatsby, this film is also filled with beautiful women, and their outfits were designed with an art deco theme in mind. The costumes for this film are magnificent and highly detailed. It’s safe to say that no other film has ever looked or felt like a Hollywood blockbuster quite like this.

One of the greatest outfits in the film belongs to Anna Matles (Emily Blunt), an American art historian who heads up the team of art experts in Paris. As the city is still trying to come to terms with the ravages of World War II, Anna and her colleagues are charged with preserving what they can of French culture. While there, she meets an Englishman named Harry Burton (Clooney), and the two embark on a passionate affair that becomes a threat to their professional relationship. Anna is headstrong and doesn’t want to be ordered around by anyone, especially not her boss. She ultimately gives in to Clooney’s persistence and agrees to marry him. What’s incredible is that Clooney and Matles were originally set to play a husband and wife, and the director saw their chemistry on screen and wanted to keep the scene in. Anna’s powerful seduction scene is one of the most memorable in film history. Matles’ costume is simple but stunning, with a high neckline and long, flowing sleeves. Her dress may be one of the most important and influential outfits ever designed. It set a new standard for art historians and cultural historians everywhere.

Even before the world was set to watch the breathtaking final act of The Great Gatsby, another scandal was unfolding in front of our eyes. Clooney and Matles had only been married for a few months when the actress suffered a miscarriage. While devastated, she refused to give up hope and decided to try again, only to suffer another miscarriage six weeks later. A devoted and loving couple, they decided to call off their wedding and called off the entire project. What’s more, as it turns out, the book that inspired The Monuments Men was also the inspiration behind The Great Gatsby. Like Daisy before her in The Great Gatsby, Matles’ character in the adaptation decided to take matters into her own hands and seek justice for her countrymen. When she tracked down the perpetrators of these heists and threatened to expose them, she inspired the Frenchmen, Germans, and Italians who were herding the stolen art across Europe in an ultimately doomed quest for anonymity. What’s most impressive about her costume is that it wasn’t just about the story being told; it was also about a woman standing up for what she believes in. Matles’ extraordinary blue dress won her the Best Supporting Actress Oscar, and her passionate performance as a devoted wife and mother is one of the most memorable in film history. Let this be a lesson to any husband or boyfriend who’s ever felt inclined to cheat: Women will always find a way to get what they want. They may not always get what they initially demand, but they will always get what they want.

Other Notable Oufits

Many other films and television shows were also filled with memorable outfits. Here are some of the most memorable costume designs of all time:

Black Panthers: Soul Patrol

Based on the black power movement of the late ’60s, Jon Jost’s 1970s series Black Panthers: Soul Patrol features the work of the group’s fashion designers. The outfits in this series are bold, with many stars choosing to wear red, white, and black as inspiration. The show gave birth to “Afrofuturism,” a trend that continues to influence the way we view dressing today. It also inspired Michael B. Jordan’s character in the Oscar-winning film, Denzel Washington’s character in the film adaptation of The Great Gatsby, and many others.

Jordan’s character, American lawyer Charles Hamilton, is a modern-day Sherlock Holmes, solving crimes, tracking down thieves, and finding romance along the way. Set in New York City in the summer of 1925, he teams up with his friend, Nick Carraway, who is also dressed in period costumes for The Great Gatsby. Together, they crack the case of the century and bring everyone from Jay Gatsby to justice, exposing his entire criminal enterprise in the process. The outfits in this series are remarkable, with many stars choosing to wear bold prints, solid colors, and high heels. One of our favorite outfits in the entire series belongs to Angela Bassett as jazz singer Etta Jones. Stunning in black and red, this is one of the most memorable movie performances of all time.