Ever since Twilight made him a star, Robert Pattinson has been inundated with requests for interviews and photo sessions. The actor has now settled down with his longtime companion, and the two are expecting their first child together in the summer of 2020.

The 35-year-old actor is father to two daughters, Isabella, 14, and Lily Rose, 11, from his previous relationship with married music producer Vanessa Hudgens. The pair famously split in 2018 after ten years together. While some may see this as a risky move given his younger daughter’s proximity in age to Lily, Pattinson insists the new relationship will only strengthen his existing family unit.

The name of the actress, who recently took a break from dating to spend time with her family, has yet to be revealed. However, there are some interesting theories surrounding her identity.

Isabella’s Middle Name May Have Helped

According to some sources, the surname of Pattinson’s first wife is Bentley. As in Charles Bentley, 1st Viscount Melbourne. Hence, Isabella might be named after the British prime minister who proposed to Pattinson’s grandmother while he was on a walking tour in Paris. Others say Isabella’s middle name could be Katherine, after Queen Katherine, wife of King Henry VIII. Still other fans of the Twilight series believe the name is a reference to the character Bella Swan.

The Name “Rosalie” Is Also Attracting Attention

Some fans are convinced that Pattinson is dating his beautiful assistant Rosalie Walden. Rosalie is a German name meaning rose garden. But perhaps the most interesting theory connecting Pattinson and Walden is that they are both named after characters in Jacques Tourneur’s 1953 film, I Walked With a Zombie. Rosalie is the name of the main character’s best friend. The French-language soundtrack includes the hit song “Singing in the Rain.”

Robert’s Full Name Is A Marketing Masterstroke

If anyone can crack the code of celebrity names, it’s surely the marketing wizards at Kinetic. Over the years, the agency has helped celebrities with all kinds of tricky monikers, from Taylor Swift to Beyoncé. And in the case of Robert Pattinson, their clever tactic is paying off. As the name suggests, the Twilight star is an expert when it comes to marketing. His popularity propelled him to the status of internet meme, and with good reason. Pattinson is often funny, creative, and very approachable. The actor/fan favorite has also used his newfound celebrity to give back. He’s supported numerous charities in the UK and US, including Room to Read, which provides books to children in developing countries.

Lily’s Personality Makes Her An Ideal Daughter-in-Law

While we’re still in the dark regarding Pattinson’s girlfriend’s identity, some fans suspect Lily Rose may be the answer. After all, the 11-year-old princess is reportedly very close to her father. Lily is said to be extremely protective of her little sister, and will do anything for Isabella’s happiness. Fans of the Twilight series have observed that Lily’s personality is a bit like that of a mother wolf. So, perhaps she’s the perfect daughter-in-law for the famous bachelor.

Will Robert’s Ex-Wife Ever Come Back To Take Lily On?

Isabella and her parents were married for ten years before Vanessa filed for divorce. During the custody battle that followed, Isabella’s grandparents took the child under their wing and brought her up as one of their own. Now that she’s 11, it would be very strange if her parents didn’t at least interact with her on a regular basis. And since they’ve both been single since their break-up, it’s not hard to see them falling for each other all over again.

Pattinson has remained single for long enough that many fans would love to see him settle down with a woman who could finally bear him a son. Unfortunately, his lifestyle may make that a difficult task. The actor has never hidden his love for partying and his hedonistic ways. If his relationship with the mystery woman lasts, it will be a testament to both their enduring love and the star’s infamous charm.