It’s hard to keep secrets in Hollywood, but especially when it comes to love affairs. The tabloids have a field day when a celebrity’s private life is at stake, and that’s exactly what happened when Robert Pattinson’s new love interest came to light.

The British actor, singer, and songwriter was spotted holding hands with a mystery woman as they entered Cedars-Sinai in Westwood, California. The two were dressed in comfortable clothes and smiles, but appearances can be deceiving. Rumors about the former couple’s possible relationship began swirling when Pattinson was caught on film embracing another woman at the 2013 Golden Globes. Fans have been wondering if this new bout of PDA is because the two are dating, or if it’s just a case of two friends getting cozy while celebrating a movie they both worked on. The question is: Is this a love story, or is it just Hollywood shenanigans? Let’s take a closer look.

Do They Go On Dates?

Whether they’re officially an item or just friends, it’s clear that the two enjoy each other’s company. They’ve been seen hanging out at a number of events and festivals over the past year, enjoying the nightlife and soaking up Hollywood’s bright lights. While we don’t know if they’ve gone on any dates or if their relationship is strictly platonic, it’s clear that they share a deep connection. Many fans have been wishing Pattinson good luck in his relationship, and the actress who plays his love interest was recently spotted wearing a ‘Wear What You Want’ shirt, hinting that their romance is very real.

There’s no denying that Pattinson has attracted some serious interest from the opposite sex. The Twilight star has been linked to a number of Hollywood beauties over the years, from Jessica Alba to Alicia Keys. This time around, the A-lister is said to have chosen a smart, educated woman named FKA Twigs as his date to the Met Gala in New York City. While nothing can be confirmed about the nature of their relationship, the fact that they’re both popular and successful should mean that their pairing is a good fit. What do YOU think?

Is He Ready For A Commitment?

In the same way that Twilight was a groundbreaking book that changed the way vampires were viewed by mainstream audiences, so too has Gone Too Far! Changed My Mind, the director’s cut of the documentary about Aisha and Rana’s fight for equal rights in Saudi Arabia. The film follows the couple as they go head-to-head with the Religious Police, who accuse them of committing adultery, and seek to destroy their lives and reputations. At one point during the trial, Rana’s lawyer asks her if she’s prepared to give it all up and move to a state where she can be with her lover. The 23-year-old shakes her head in the negative. “I don’t know,” she replies. “I think I need to figure out what is happening before I make any decisions.”

It’s safe to say that Rana has thought long and hard about her future, about taking a stand for what she believes in and being true to herself. She’s given it a lot of consideration, and in the end she’s decided to follow her heart. As far as Pattinson is concerned, this isn’t going to be an easy transition for him to make. He’s spent his whole life being catered to and protected by powerful men. He’s never had to think for himself, and it’s a challenge that he’s not been prepared for. In the end, it’s not just the woman that he will have to give up, but the celebrity lifestyle as well. He’s got a lot to learn, and it’s going to be hard for him to make the transition while keeping his freedom and privacy.

What About Legacy?

It would be easy for Pattinson to just ditch his lucrative acting gig and follow Rana to Saudi Arabia. They could live in a cave together and raise holy warriors, or at least make a serious dent in the world of fashion. What they choose to do instead is admirable. While he continues to work, he devotes himself to raising awareness about the persecution of women in the country. He recently spoke about the importance of being discreet about their relationship, especially since they’re still getting to know one another, but it’s clear that he’s committed to the activism. He’s raised almost $60,000 for the Women’s Campaign for Gender Equality by participating in the 2018 Mingle With Moguls Gala at the Museum of Modern Art, and has encouraged other men to get involved as well. The more support that he can garner, the greater his ability to effect positive change.

The Real Deal

When it comes to protecting their privacy, the couple is keeping things low-profile and keeping their cards close to the chest. They don’t want to ruin their chances of finding love, so instead they’re keeping their relationship under the radar. This is a good decision on their part, considering the backlash that a celebrity wedding would bring. If they were to get hitched tonight, there’s no telling what kind of media blitz that would be, with every wedding magazine in the country descending upon them. They’re well-aware of this, and that’s why they’ve been making the most of their time off, trying to spend it quietly and privately. Perhaps the best advice that they could give anyone is to not rush into a decision about marriage. Take your time, find out as much as you can, and when you’re ready to make a commitment, then do it. That’s what they’re doing, and it’s working for them.