We all know Robert Pattinson for his acting chops and his dashing good looks, but what about the bedroom? Is Robert Pattinson really good in bed?

The answer is… well, we don’t know. But that hasn’t stopped the internet from speculating! Let’s take a look at the evidence and rumors surrounding Robert Pattinson and his bedroom skills.

The Evidence

The most concrete evidence we have of Robert Pattinson’s bedroom skills comes from a 2012 survey. In the survey, over 2,000 women voted Robert Pattinson as the sexiest actor alive. This could be taken as a sign that he’s good in bed, but it could also be a sign that he’s just attractive. Additionally, Robert’s former co-star, Kristen Stewart, once said he was a “really good kisser”, which could imply that he knows his way around the bedroom.

The Rumors

There are several rumors circulating around Robert Pattinson’s bedroom skills. The most popular one is that he’s a “bedroom god” who can make women do whatever he wants them to. Another rumor claims that he’s great at pleasing his partners and can make them scream in pleasure. Some people even say that he’s so good that he can make women orgasm in seconds.


At the end of the day, we don’t know if Robert Pattinson is really good in bed. All we have to go on are rumors and speculation. However, given his good looks and apparent skill in the bedroom, it’s not hard to imagine that he could be really good in bed.

If you’re curious about Robert Pattinson’s bedroom skills, the only way to find out for sure is to ask him yourself… or maybe just give it a try and see for yourself!