It’s been a glittering night for the 26-year-old actor, but the celebrations are just beginning for the ‘Twilight’ star.

Dressed in a stunning gold dress, Kristen Stewart looked every inch the professional as she posed with her fellow ‘Twilight’ co-stars on the red carpet ahead of the award ceremony. 

With paparazzi cameras capturing every angle, the actor finally gave in to the demand for a revealing shot, as she flashed a peace sign and twirled her dress around her. 

Earlier in the day, the ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ actress picked out an exquisite pink dress, which she wore with red accessories. 

The sparkle from the gown was so dazzling that ‘Glee’ star Lea Michele could be seen briefly catching a reflection in the star’s jewelry.

Pattinson was later seen getting into an altercation with photographer Jimmy Choo, who accused the actor of not wanting to sign his photographs. 

When questioned about the fight, Pattinson smiled, and insisted that they were simply “hanging out.”

Other than a few minor skirmishes, the night’s events were largely trouble-free. 

“It was crazy because we were outside, just walking and having fun. All of a sudden, the police came and arrested me and took me in,” Pattinson said. “It was terrifying because I thought it was all a big mistake. I kept thinking that someone was going to realize that they had the wrong person and let me go.”

Pattinson, who wore a black shirt and black jeans, was accompanied to the ceremony by his girlfriend and ‘Snow White’ co-star, Rosalie Klemme. 

The couple were previously seen partying on Saturday night, where they were spotted in a loving embrace. They were later joined by Stewart, who arrived at the ceremony in a slinky gold dress. 

As for which film won the night’s top honor, the golden statue for best movie went to ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel,’ with four wins including best actor (Ralph Fiennes), supporting actor (Tony Revolori) and production design (Adam Stockhausen). 

Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ ‘The Best of Friends’ won three awards while ‘Room’ and ‘Loving’ took home two each.

Before leaving the red carpet to return to his hotel, Pattinson stopped to greet fans and take photos as he signed autographs. He also made sure to thank the New York City Police Department for their help in keeping the party safe and for arresting the “wrong person.”

It was a memorable night for the British actor, who now finds himself at the top of Hollywood’s A-list. And while he might have gotten the chance to party with one of Hollywood’s most glamorous starlets, he’s now looking forward to spending time with his new family.