We’re not really sure how to feel about Robert Pattinson. On the one hand, he’s adorable. On the other hand, he’s not your usual leading man material. So to celebrate his 25th birthday, we decided to put both of those things into one article and give you a complete guide to the Canadian actor’s birthday.

The Most Coveted Birthday Gift

There’s no question that the most coveted present for someone’s birthday is the one that keeps on giving. And for the 25th anniversary of his birth, nobody’s been giving him a gift quite like that since 1999.

What is it? The Twilight franchise has been racking up some amazing box office figures over the years, and now, with the upcoming release of New Moon soon, it looks like their staying power is finally paying off for Summit.

With this in mind, the studio has decided to give fans one last gift before the end of the year. And, as the most popular film franchise of all time continues to grow in popularity, so does the demand for its merchandise. One of the most popular items is New Moon signature jewelry, which is being sold for up to $25,000 a pop. If you want to buy a piece of jewelry that’s been worn by one of the most recognizable faces of the last decade, now’s the perfect time to do it. As we mentioned, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy some Twilight swag that will be highly valued in the future.

Who Is Robert Pattinson’s Wife, Kids, And Favorite Food?

While we’re not entirely sure how old Robert Pattinson is, based on the fact that he’s been acting for nearly two decades, we assume he’s somewhere in his early to mid-twenties. And, judging by his Instagram account, he’s a pretty happy guy, which is awesome to see. So happy that he’s even begun to post some family snapshots on his feed.

Otherwise, we know practically nothing about him. We do know that he was born in London, England, on December 4, 1986. And based on his Instagram posts, he seems to really love taking his kids (Mia, 4, and Jack, 1) on adventures around the world. We also know that he’s a fan of sushi and sashimi. But beyond that, he virtually never reveals any personal information about himself or his family. So, we have no idea what he likes or what his hobbies are. But we do know that he spends a lot of time on his Instagram account, so it’s a good bet that he has some interesting stories to share.

The Most Influential Actor Of The Past Decade

While we don’t yet know the exact date of Robert Pattinson’s birthday, we do know that he’s been influential enough to have changed the way people see themselves on the big screen. And it’s not just about the way that he looks. It’s about the way that he carries himself. For decades, Hollywood has been dominated by Anglo males, and for the most part, they’ve been pretty unappetizing. Until Pattinson came along.

And it wasn’t just his looks that made such a difference. It’s in the way that he acted. The way that he moved. The way that he carried himself. Hollywood is a much more attractive place now than it has ever been before.

Since his 2008 film City of Angels, Robert Pattinson has been a scene-stealer. And he’s not about to stop there. Following New Moon, he’ll likely be going up against some of the biggest names in Hollywood history. And though it wouldn’t be wise to count him out, he’s definitely become the biggest fish in the sea. And we can see why. With each new role, he proves himself to be an extraordinary actor and a welcome change from the usual Hollywood fare.

When Is Robert Pattinson’s Birthday?

We don’t know the exact date of Robert Pattinson’s birthday, but we can narrow it down to the closest available date that’s in the same month as December. From there, it’s easy to figure out a year using the Hebrew calendar, which is the system that Orthodox Jews and those who follow the Hebrew faith use.

December 4 is the date of Robert Pattinson’s birthday. Following that, he’ll be turning 26 years old. So if you’d like to buy him a present, you have some time to do it. And it wouldn’t hurt to shop around for the best deal, either. With most toys, clothing, and other merchandise now on sale for the holiday season, there are plenty of options for the avid Twilight fan. Just remember that Christmas is a couple of weeks away, so you may not have the best selection yet.

Where Can I Buy The Best Present For Robert Pattinson?

If you want to buy something for Robert Pattinson, where should you start your search? There are hundreds of websites and stores that cater to the Twilight fandom, with a large majority selling merchandise related to the franchise. If you can, avoid buying from larger retail stores such as Amazon.com and Barnes and Nobles. Not only will these businesses have a harder time giving you the best possible deal, but they’ll also be tempted to up-sale to make up for the lost sales during the holiday season. Instead, look for smaller, independent stores that may not have the best reputation, but they’ll be willing to give you the best prices.

If you’re looking for a present for your loved one, it’s hard to avoid getting distracted by the sheer volume of options. Which is why we’ve narrowed it down to these 25 gifts that are sure to please the beloved Twilight star. So go ahead and buy something for his birthday, and let us know how it went.