Do you want to meet Robert Pattinson? You can’t make this up – the actor recently tweeted that he would like to do a shoot with Anna Welti, a German model who has 1.9 million followers. The tweeter/heartthrob then followed up with a tweet that gave the game away. He said, “Let’s do this. Monday??”

This was enough for Twitterati to race into action. Here are some of the best tips on how to get our favorite actor to go to Germany and meet the lovely Ms. Welti!

1. Find an event that interests both of you

The first step to arranging a meeting with Robert Pattinson is to find an event that interests both of you. Anna Welti’s agency tweeted that they have some exciting news. They said his schedule is now free, so if you want to meet him, you need to set up shop quickly. A Twitter search for “anna welti” and “robert pattinson” will bring up all the available dates for a potential meet-and-greet session. You can then choose from the options presented, and book the date that works best for you.

2. Follow his Twitter

You can follow his Twitter account @RealRpattinson and get notifications when he makes new Tweets. You can also follow @RealRpattinson to see if he responds to any of your previous tweets. Most importantly, you can follow @RealRpattinson to see if he replies to any of your memes. These are all good signs that he’s paying attention to your tweets and is somewhat approachable.

3. Arrange for backstage passes

While you’re at it, why not also get backstage passes for the events that you are interested in? You can get these passes for free from the venue’s website if you’re an attendee – not exactly sure how this works since you’re not technically supposed to have access to these types of areas while backstage. You may need to ask someone for help at the venue’s information desk. This may also mean that you have to wait in line for a bit. But it’s worth it! You can meet the famous person you admire most in the world, and even get a quick photo op if you’re lucky! It’s all about setting up the right meeting. Don’t forget to make copies of these passes for your friends and family, just in case you lose your original. With this, you’ll be able to reenter the event easily should you be stopped by security.

4. Do Something Special For His Dogs

Another good way to get Robert Pattinson’s attention is to do something special for his dogs. You can get inspired by the model Anna Welti’s actions towards her four-legged friends during her Instagram post in which she and her dogs are seen cuddling up together while also posing in front of their doggy friends. Welti’s dogs have a really nice Instagram account, @mydogsareadorable, which you can follow to see all their incredible photos. She often posts about her adorable pups and their various adventures. You can tweet at her or comment on her Instagram stories to let her know that you are thinking of her pet dogs. It’s always good to show concern for others’ animals, and especially for a celebrity’s animals. It means you’re a kind and compassionate person who cares about animals. Most likely, he will too.

5. Be Funny

Humor is extremely important in any type of communication. If you’re not funny, your writing will never become engaging. It will never make the reader laugh or even smile. But it’s important to note that not all humor is created equal. Sometimes, the funniest jokes can end up being some of the most offensive. You have to be careful about what type of jokes you make if you want to be funny and not appear racist or sexist. Still, you should always try your best to be funny. If you can make people laugh, you’re sure to make them tap into their funny side and open up to you. It might not seem like it, but there’s a lot of truth to the saying, “Never offend anyone who could be useful to you.” So, you can’t go wrong with humor.

6. Be Brave

Brave is another word that you should use with caution. While it can mean courageous, it can also mean foolish. Know the difference. Being brave is vital if you want to make Robert Pattinson meet with you. It can be extremely beneficial to be courageous and stand up for what you believe in. But you also need to be careful about going too far. You don’t want to get into trouble. But, at the same time, you also want to be sure that he knows you respectfully. So, it’s important to find that middle ground. Make sure that you’re not being foolish. Learn from those who have gone before you and do what you feel is right.

7. Keep Trying

This one is important. You should never give up on something you really want, especially if there’s something at the end that you weren’t expecting. As we’ve established, humor and bravery can help, but sometimes, it takes something else. Anna Welti has over a million followers on Instagram. She started her account in 2012 and has been growing it steadily ever since. In 2018, she had over a million followers and her account was recently named the 89th most engaging Instagram account in the world. Sometimes, all it takes is time. Keep trying until you succeed.

8. Be Proactive

This one can be quite tricky. Don’t just sit back and wait for Robert Pattinson to come to you. You have to be proactive and go to him. Anna Welti recently tweeted that she would like to meet her idol, and she urged others to do the same. So, now, you know what to do. Go and meet Robert Pattinson! Just remember to be funny, courageous, and brave, and you’re sure to succeed.