Walking down the red carpet at the premier of his new movie, The Beach Boy, was Hollywood super-couple Robert Pattinson and his longtime girlfriend, Bella Hadid, who celebrated their one-year anniversary just a few days beforehand. Their elegant, simple yet sophisticated wedding on October 27 was an intimate celebration at sunset on the beach in front of family and friends in Beverly Hills, California.

The wedding came just over a year after the pair first met at a party in Los Angeles and started dating. With Hadid having a newborn daughter, their first child together, and Pattinson being a world-famous celebrity, it was clear their love was going to be talked about for years to come.

The Couple’s Signature Look

In the wake of the couple’s happy anniversary, Vanity Fair set out to find out more about their personal style and how they went about developing their signature look. We learned that their style inspiration comes from the Hollywood stars and legends they grew up watching, many of whom dressed elegantly and simply.

“Bella and I have always loved vintage Hollywood cinema. When I was younger, my dad would take me to the movies all the time. There were always these old Hollywood stars that we would just sit and watch,” Pattinson told Vogue.

“It was such a big part of my childhood, and these stars, they were often the epitome of sophistication and elegance. It was like a dream come true when I eventually found my way to the red carpet and was able to dress the way I looked in my head so many times,” added the actor.

The British actor then went on to mention some of his favorite Hollywood styles and the designers who blew his mind with their work.

The Beach Boy

It’s fair to say that Pattinson’s style has evolved quite a lot since he first graced our screens in the Twilight movies. As well as paying homage to his favorite Hollywood icons, the 37-year-old also incorporates a lot of his own personal style influences into the costumes and sets of his movies.

For his upcoming film, The Beach Boy, he collaborated with famed designer Marc Jacobs to create an effortlessly cool and stylish beach-themed pallet. Jacobs designed the look for a ‘70s recreation, with an emphasis on leisure wear for men and women.

“I always loved the ‘70s and Marc’s designs are just amazing, so it was a real treat to be able to work with him on this project,” said the actor. “It was fun to put our own spin on some of the most iconic items from the time, like the leisure suits and platform shoes. As a kid, this was literally the dream world – to be able to create your own amusement park and be surrounded by characters like James Bond and Roger Moore. It still feels like a dream, even after all these years.”

The Classic Dressing

It seems that as time went by, Pattinson’s style evolved from a teen fashion trend to a classic one. When asked about the style evolution in a Vanity Fair interview, the actor simply gave his signature shrug and said: “I don’t know. Style-wise, I guess it just kinda happened. Nowadays, if somebody sees me on the street, they probably wouldn’t really know what style lens to put on me.”

In our shoot with Vogue, we saw the star sport an effortlessly cool outfit of white jeans, a floral print shirt, and a bright orange parka. Complementing the laidback vibe of Parisian winter are sunglasses by Gucci, a floral print scarf, and a knitted hat by Balmain. For those warm summer days, we find the star in a white dress with blue accents and a beach towel, holding court on a yacht deck as elegant guests arrive alongside yacht brokers and businessmen. It’s clear that no matter what the weather, the British actor will always want to look effortlessly cool and stylish.

The Influences

Although he’s always cited the fashion influences behind his style, it’s clear that Pattinson also draws inspiration from a variety of other sources. For The Beach Boy, he drew on his love for the ‘70s, classic Hollywood, and his nostalgia for times past. As well as paying homage to the golden era of cinema, the British actor revealed that he wanted to explore how the style would look as it is today, drawing inspiration from a vintage photo album his grandmother kept.

“This was such a labor of love. We wanted to do a recreation of how images from this time would look nowadays, especially since much of what we were seeing was such a reflection of our times. Looking at old photos of the ‘70s is so fascinating – it really does feel like you’re stepping back in time. We wanted to keep some of that nostalgia while also bringing a bit of our contemporary style,” said the actor.

Vogue then went on to interview a number of industry experts who weighed in on Pattinson’s style evolution and impact on today’s fashion landscape. Read on for their expert opinions.