The ‘Kissing Controversy’, about a rumored affair between actor Robert Pattinson and GMA TV host and journalist Juicy Couture, was just one of the many stories that made headlines this past week. While some people criticized the story as “tabloid-like” and “rife with inaccuracies,” many more supported it. One of those people was Robert Pattinson himself. Before the dust settled, he opened up about the controversial story in an interview with Vogue. He revealed that some parts of it were actually true and that it wasn’t the first time he’d been involved in a similar situation.

It Wasn’t The First Affair He’d Been In

“It wasn’t the first time that something like this has happened. I had an affair with a woman who worked for me. It wasn’t anything serious, but it was an interesting experience. I liked playing the part,” Pattinson said. “I can see how much [the story in] The Sun is hurting Kylie [Jenner], but I also see it as an opportunity to grow. I’d love to see more people speaking out, not just celebrities, but regular folk as well.”

Why He Didn’t Confront His Girlfriend Daisy In Public

Pattinson also addressed the question of whether or not he should have confronted Daisy about the affair when it allegedly happened. He said that he didn’t feel the need to. “I didn’t really want to hurt Daisy. I know she’s still upset about [our breakup] and I didn’t want to add more pain. It was one of those things where we both just wanted to put it behind us, but we knew that might not be possible. So, instead, we just had to live with it,” he said. “I still love her, and I hope she feels the same way about me. Even though it was years ago, I still think about her when I see her name in the tabloids. It breaks my heart that she has to go through this every time she appears in the press. It’s not fair.”

Why The Affair Fuelled His Career

Pattinson said that the fallout from the affair helped to fuel his career. “I started getting recognized more, and the paparazzi became interested in me. This led to more interviews and opportunities. I still get nervous walking down the street, but I’m not in [a] panic anymore. It feels more like a bonus now,” he said. “There’s a silver lining to everything, and I’m not going to waste any time feeling sorry for myself. I’m going to use this as fuel to keep going.”

How He Fuelled Rumors Of An Engagement

While many people have accepted that Robert Pattinson and Daisy Ridley are not engaged anymore, the rumors surrounding their relationship didn’t die. One of the reasons behind this was the lack of any actual proof that they were ever engaged to be married. To make matters worse, Daisy has also denied the rumors in the past, saying that they’re “just friends” and “neighbors,” but that hasn’t stopped them from appearing in public together. This all came to a head when Robert Pattinson was photographed wearing a T-shirt with the words “Save the Date” on it. Many people thought this was a sign that he was planning to propose to Daisy Ridley. (It seems that Robert Pattinson and Daisy Ridley are not exactly good friends.)

How Does He Feel About Rumors Surrounding His Parentage?

Finally, we asked Robert Pattinson about the rumors that he may not be human. After all, he’s been called “ugly” and “scary” by some people because of his appearance. Does he think that he’s actually descended from dog owners or does he believe that he was born from a human father and a dog mother? “I guess I’ll find out when I have kids one day,” he said. “I don’t really know if I want to admit to being part-dog or part-fish, but I’m certainly not going to be passing down any ugly genes. I’d like to think that I was born with a perfect brain and a kind heart.”

While many may still be trying to decide if they believe or hate Robert Pattinson, one thing is for sure: We certainly have learned a lot about him in recent months. He has opened up about many of the affairs that have supposedly taken place in his life and has given his fans a better understanding of the pressures that he may be under. He has always been honest about his feelings, so it’s no surprise that he didn’t hold back when asked about the Kissing Controversy. Of course, the answer might still shock you.