Everyone has a story about how their lives changed after they went on a cleanse. For actor Robert Pattinson, it started with a health scare. After filming wrapped on 2016’s Remember Me, the 28-year-old actor was suffering from severe back pain. To further disturb his comfort zone, the film was actually set in Australia, his home country, and not Los Angeles as he’s more accustomed to. To make matters worse, the pain wouldn’t go away. So he did what any self-respecting A-list actor would do in his situation: He went on a cleanse.

“I thought it would help with the pain,” Pattinson told Harper’s Bazaar Australia of his decision to go on a juice fast. “And it did. It was awful. I was tired, I was weak, and I was losing a lot of weight. It was horrible. The only thing that kept me going was the thought that I needed to do this for my health. And then after a few days, the pain started to go away, and I felt better than I’d ever felt in my life.”

It would be easy to chalk up this experience as just a side effect of taking a break from drugs and alcohol. But that would be a mistake. This wasn’t a coincidence. Behind the scenes of Remember Me, the actor underwent a complete transformation. He lost the weight, he got into shape, and he saw a dramatic improvement in his energy levels. In the words of Pattinson’s mother, “He’s done so much better than I expected.”

The answer to how Robert Pattinson looks now that he’s cleaned up and grown out of his teens can be found in his nutrition and fitness plans. The Twilight actor now works with nutritionist Andrea Roider and personal trainer Jeff Robinson to create the custom meal plans that helped him reach peak performance on and off set. After filming was wrapped on the project, they teamed up to create a meal plan that would help Pattinson maintain his new, healthier lifestyle and look the same or better than his younger self.

How To Eat To Look Your Best

While you might not want to follow Pattinson’s exact nutrition plan (he would advise against any kind of fast food), you can learn a lot from his methods. So much so, that he even opened up a nutrition school, the Robert Pattinson Academy, where you can learn how to plan your own meals and workouts.

The key to looking your best is eating clean and avoiding bad habits that can make you fat. And what’s better than being able to look great while also feeling great? The answer is both! Let’s take a look at how Pattinson eats to maintain his incredible physique:


Pattinson gets up early every day to exercise and prepare his food. So he’s already eating when you arrive at his home. You’ll usually find him making smoothies with blueberries, chai seeds, and kale. You can drink them both cold and hot and enjoy the wonderful flavors. These juices provide your essential vitamins and nutrients to get you through the day. They’re also a good source of fiber, which you need to keep your digestive system moving at all times. While you’re there, you may as well ask the man himself about his morning routine.

What kind of smoothie do you make, Mr. Pattinson? I really love that blueberry flavor, but I’ve never tried kale or chai. Sounds like an amazing combination. Smoothies are always a good option if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get your daily fruit and vegetable intake. What’s more, you can add almost anything you want to them. Veggies, fruits, noodles, you name it. They’re really versatile and can be customized to fit any taste. I would highly recommend them if you’re looking for a nutritious and filling snack or meal replacement.

Midday Snack

After his morning workout, Pattinson enjoys a small snack. This could be something as simple as a banana, or it could be a complex meal. He’s the type of person who loves experimenting with different combinations of fruits and vegetables, so he might pop the remaining chicken in the oven while you’re there. He’ll also make sure to have some fresh fruit on hand, such as an orange or a pineapple, to help you stay fresh and hydrated while you’re on set. This snack provides essential nutrients and a small source of energy for the actor. During production, he often finds himself running late and snacking briefly while he waits for his ride. You may also opt to bring a healthy snack with you on set. This could be to maintain your energy levels or to get rid of that nagging hunger pangs. What’s important is that you eat a healthy snack during the day. This will help keep your body in good condition.


At his second meal of the day, Pattinson eats a large sandwich, which is mostly made up of salads and vegetables. This is another great option for those looking to replace some of their daily calories. He usually opts for something simple, such as tuna or chicken salad. When he feels like pushing the envelope, he makes a point of choosing something more complex, like the black bean burger. He will also make sure to have some guacamole and tomato on hand, as these are essential ingredients to any good taco. You may also opt to make a salad with the leftovers from lunch. Eating a big salad at this point in the day will give you a source of fiber, which is essential if you want to look your best. What’s great about salads is that they’re very versatile. You can add practically anything you want to them. Vegetables, fruits, cheese, you name it. They’re very accommodating.

Afternoon Snack

Pattinson’s third meal of the day is usually a small bonbon or a stick of torrid torch (think salted caramel torch sticks). The choice of what to opt for here is completely up to you. While he keeps the salted caramel and chocolate flavors to a minimum, his options for afternoon snacks include everything from chocolate cake to brownies and even leftover pasta. There are really no wrong choices when it comes to this meal, as long as you’re eating healthy. What’s important is that you have something before you go to bed. You may also purchase a meal replacement (ready-to-eat cereal, bars, or oatmeal) if you feel like you’re running low on energy. Eating a complex meal after noon teetotall is often the cause of nostalgia for pattinson. After a day of working out and eating healthy, this meal always makes him feel like he’s in a dive bar back in London, watching comedians and talking shop with his friends. This is also the time when he usually has a small cup of chai tea or a glass of wine.