Where To Buy?

You can buy the ring at https://ringpop.com/robert-pattinson-girlfriends-ring-p-8667.html. You can also find similar rings on Etsy.

About The Designer

Hilary Duff was the first celebrity to create a private collection of diamonds to celebrate her relationship with Mike Comrie. She used a total of 45.5 carat diamonds in the design.

Duff wanted to create a timeless piece that would be valuable to her and Mike Comrie whenever they were apart and that would be a symbol of their devotion. In November 2012 Duff’s company, Hilti, became the first diamond company to create a diamond to celebrate the relationship between a Hollywood celebrity and an average Joe. (E3)

Mikaela Stokes is the creative mastermind behind the unique creations of the Mikaela Stokes Jewelry Collection. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Stokes brings a fresh perspective to the field of diamond design. (E3)

Stokes began her career in fashion working with JOVANI, a global leader in designer diamond supply, before setting up her own firm in 2010. (E3)

Not Your Traditional Valentine’s Day Gift

This Valentine’s Day, give your significant other a traditional gift on Valentine’s Day or give them a gift that is distinctly unique to you. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then consider giving them a diamond from Duff’s collection, an elegant piece of earrings from Stokes’ unique creations, or a gold bracelet from the Harry Winston collection. (E3)

The Meaning Behind The Design

Over the years, Duff has become so engrossed in the process of designing the ring that she has stopped wearing it. When asked about the symbolism of her design, she explained:

“I have two daughters, and when I look at them I see myself. I always wanted to have a long-lasting relationship with the person I love most in the world, and this ring represents our commitment to each other. We are both strong individuals and have fought for our convictions, but now we are proud to stand shoulder to shoulder and be a united front. (E3)

Similarly, Stokes designed the Mikaela Stokes Ring to symbolize the strength and independence of women. She said:

“I created this collection to give a voice to women who want to be different, strong, and independent. The strength of women is something to be proud of – and, at the end of the day, I hope my creations bring that same vibe to the people who wear them. (E3)

What are your thoughts on giving a unique Valentine’s Day gift?