Is Rob Pattinson really and truly about to become a father? The Telegraph has reported that the Twilight star is dating a woman named Suki Waterhouse, who is nearly a decade his senior. When they are photographed together, they always seem to be touching, holding or cuddling with each other. While we don’t know for sure whether Rob is biologically capable of fatherhood, there are a host of reasons why he might want to find out before the end of the year.

Why Does He Need to Know?

If you’ve been around long enough, you’ll remember what happened in the 1980s. Back then, a lot of men in their 40s and 50s found themselves having children later than expected. For whatever reason, the women in their lives weren’t willing to become pregnant, or they just weren’t able to carry a baby to term. This left men in their 30s and 40s scrambling to adopt, or to raise the children found in their sperm bank.

In an interview with Attachments Magazine in 2017, Pattinson talked about the prejudice he faces being a famous man. “There’s always going to be people who come up to you and go, ‘You look a bit like that man. Are you related?'” he said. “It’s bizarre how people will think that there’s some kind of connection between us. It’s not. We’re just friends.”

What Is His Reaction?

The actor has kept a relatively low profile since breaking up with Kristen Stewart in 2016. Aside from a few appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live and at the premiere of his new movie, Pattinson has kept a low and discreet profile. While we don’t know how he will react to the news that he is going to be a father, we do know that he has expressed frustration with child custody laws in the past. He has also spoken out against so-called “sonic weapons,” which are technologically advanced devices used to covertly locate, pinpoint and attack targets from a distance.

What About the Baby’s Mummy?

Pattinson has also grieved the loss of his mother, Lynne, whom he described as his best friend and the love of his life. In a 2013 interview with Elle magazine, he said that their relationship was “a special bond that most people don’t get to experience.” In the two-and-a-half years since she died, he has made several heartfelt, if private, appearances at her gravestone.

When Is The Baby Due?

The couple are already parents to a 12-year-old black labrador named Scout. If they have a daughter, her name will be Ivy. As with his older brother, Fletcher, and his sister, Stella, Pattinson has chosen to keep his personal life low-profile and private. Aside from a few appearances at his brother’s and sister’s birthday parties, the only other time we’ve gotten a glimpse of how the family spends their time together is when they are all seen at church on Sunday mornings.

Can He Do It?

Despite the fact that he’s almost 33 years old, Pattinson still looks like a man who could grow baby teeth in a decade. He seems to be completely at ease around women and children, and he has shown affection for baby girls in the past. He also seems to have inherited his late mother’s athletic genes. In an interview with the Sun in 2016, he said that she was the “ultimate feminist” and that “being a mother is the greatest gift a person can have.”

There are, however, several reasons why Pattinson might not want to have children. Chief among them is the fact that he is not married. While we don’t know exactly what kind of partner Waterhouse is, we do know that she’s a decade older. This could present problems, particularly if they decide to have more kids. Is unmarried parenthood a deal-breaker for this Hollywood heartthrob? It probably is. Aside from the obvious reasons, he might also be frustrated with child custody laws in the United Kingdom, or he could just want to be alone with his dogs. No matter what the reason is, finding out whether or not he’s biologically capable of becoming a father is a conversation he needs to have before the year is out.