Rumors have been swirling for quite some time now that Robert Pattinson’s ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Taylor’s grand-daughter, Alannah Brown is now dating the English actor. Since then, they have been very secretive about their relationship and even shared an engagement ring (pictured above). They have also been spotted at several red-carpet events together and have even gone on a date night. Needless to say, their romance has been covered by numerous news outlets and social media platforms like Twitter.

Alannah And Robert Were Secretly Dating

The secret to their seemingly happy relationship is that they were secretly dating for a very long time. The couple broke up in March 2019 and have been spotted together ever since. They attended the Golden Globes Awards in January together and have attended several major events since then including the 2019 Academy Awards. While there has been no confirmation that they are officially married, it’s clear that they have a very special connection.

Although they have been keeping their relationship a secret, they have been very open about their relationship with the media. It was revealed that they had been dating for a while and had even been seen vacationing together in the Mediterranean. The English actress also opened up about her romantic feelings for the Twilight star when she spoke to Vogue in April 2019. She said:

“I think we were both just really excited to have finally found someone we could be excited about spending time with. I feel like I’ve been waiting for my whole life to find someone…”

An Engagement To Be Named Later?

It has also been reported that Elizabeth Taylor’s grand-daughter is considering an engagement to be named later this year. Rumors surrounding the possible engagement began when Alannah Brown attended the Royal Wedding with Robert Pattinson in 2019. She was seen wearing a large diamond ring on her right hand (which she received from the prince) and it was assumed that the couple had secretly gotten engaged. However, they have since denied the engagement rumors and have been very tight-lipped about their relationship.

If the couple decides to get engaged, it would be a memorable moment for the 40-year-old actress as she becomes the second generation of one of the most famous families in the world to wed. The prince and Princess of Wales famously wed in 1982 and had three children together. The actress is also a direct descendant of Queen Victoria which makes her the great-grandchild of Queen Victoria. In other words, she’s royalty!

Rumors surrounding the couple’s romance initially began to surface when they were both spotted at the 2019 Golden Globes Awards in January. Since then, they have been rarely spotted apart and were even seen vacationing in St. Barts during that time. It is also believed that Robert is helping Alannah with her upcoming acting projects including the lead role in the psychological thriller, The Nest. The movie will be released in October 2020 and she will play Elizabeth Taylor, the role for which she is best known. The couple has also been seen cos-playing as the Predator and Alien from the Predator and Alien franchises, respectively.

Why Are They Keeping Their Relationship So Secret?

The reason why they are keeping their relationship private might be so that they can keep the special spark that they have. Alannah Brown has admitted that she and Robert Pattinson are very different people and have had to grow into a relationship that works. She said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in January 2020:

“The best way to put it is we’re both kind of mavericks. He likes to do things his way, and I like to do things my way. We’ve had to learn to be comfortable with each other’s differences. But I think we’ve both really come to appreciate what makes us special.”

She also said that they are both protective of their independence and don’t want to hurt each other by being too intimate. The actress revealed that they had to learn to be careful around each other’s feelings as she grew to care for the man she eventually agreed to marry. She told Cosmo Clarke on the Daily Star website:

“I think we were both just really excited to have finally found someone we could be excited about spending time with. I feel like I’ve been waiting for my whole life to find someone…”

While it’s great that they’ve been able to work through their differences and see the good in each other, it will be interesting to see how their unique perspectives affect their relationship moving forward. It’s not everyday that you meet someone with such incredible cachet and culture and that you feel so grateful to have met them. Most people would kill for that type of connection. It doesn’t feel right to keep it a secret when you feel so fortunate to have found someone you can share that with. The truth is, most of us could use more magic like that in our lives.

Would Marriage To A Royal Seal The Deal?

Although it is yet to be confirmed that they will indeed wed, there is a possibility that Robert Pattinson might one day be entitled to marry a royal. If the couple were to wed, it would be a very special moment as he would automatically become an English prince and she would become a princess. It would also be a big step up for the actress who grew up in anonymity in Scotland before making her name for Hollywood. Would you wed a prince?

The couple’s first public appearance together was at the 2019 Golden Globes where they were both seen wearing a massive diamond. Since then, they have been very consistent in their presence at various award shows and red carpet events. The fact that they have been able to keep their romance a secret for so long speaks volumes about their maturity and commitment to each other. Would you wed a prince?