Ever wonder what’s going on with the famous Rob Pattinson and his girlfriend? You might be wondering the same thing because you’ve never really heard from them. Now, thanks to a new photo album from their PR team, we know a bit more about what’s been going on with the couple. The album covers their dating history from the beginning until now and it’s absolutely adorable.

Let’s take a look at the adorable album and the fascinating history behind it.

The Dating History

The couple started dating back in 2009 after meeting at an international film festival in Berlin. It was then that they first caught the attention of the public. While they were initially overwhelmed with fan mail, they eventually grew to love it. Rob even mentioned in an interview back in 2016 that he enjoyed getting to know new people and experiencing different cultures. This comes from a guy who was once married to Kate Winslet!

It seems that they’ve been quite careful about their relationship and have only shared a few details about it. For instance, they’ve only ever talked about their love for London in interviews. But now, with the help of their PR team, we know a bit more about their history. Especially since they shared the exciting news that they’re expecting their first child together.

The Expecting Mother

It seems like Rob can’t keep his mouth shut and recently spilled the beans about Kate expecting their first child with him. The actor tweeted back in March that he and his wife were “so happy” to announce that they’re expecting their first child. He then followed up by saying, “I love my wife more than anything in the world and I couldn’t think of a better person to share my joy with.”

The proud father then shared a photograph of himself with the caption, “I’m looking forward to being a dad.” Fans, friends, and family were delighted to see the photo and many congratulated Rob on his exciting news. The news also made headlines all over the world because Kate is one of the most famous actresses of our time. She’s held the Oscar twice and been nominated five times. Not to mention the fact that she’s one of the most beautiful women of all time. Many women, especially those in the media, were eying the cute couple with envy. But, being a parent is a privilege and it comes with great responsibilities. So, what will Rob’s involvement in his child’s life be like?

Well, it seems that he’ll be a pretty hands-on father. Kate had previously admitted that her and Rob’s lifestyles are quite different. The actress said in an interview in 2017, “I don’t do a lot of cleaning while he’s at work… Sometimes when he comes home he’ll say, ‘Where’s my saucer?’ So I’ll have to go and get it.” Rob also likes to be involved in their daughter’s life and has reportedly asked Kate numerous times if he can look after her after they get finished with their photo shoot. He wants to be a part of her life and doesn’t want to miss out on the opportunity. This is a man who clearly loves his wife and wants to make her life as happy and comfortable as possible.

The Supportive Fiancée

But, even before their daughter was born, Kate was already offering her help and support to Rob. The actress is quite the momma’s girl and always wants to make sure her man is taken care of. When their first child was on the way, Kate started a GoFundMe account so that her boyfriend could cover the costs of giving birth and dealing with the baby’s needs. The fund-raiser reached its goal in less than 48 hours and now, Rob’s maternal obligations seem to be all paid for.

After giving birth to their daughter, Tamira, in April 2017, Kate stayed by the couple’s side as Rob started his paternity leave. The proud mother then took to Twitter to confirm that she and her baby were adjusting to their new family life.

While it’s always great to hear good news, this particular story had an extra happy ending. Kate and Rob’s good news was then further confirmed when they decided to marry. The couple had been discussing their future together for some time and finally made the commitment to each other in a romantic ceremony in Venice in October 2017.

Their fans were over the moon with the happy news and many congratulated the couple on their engagement and upcoming wedding. It seems that being a husband is once again a committed man and, although he’s quite busy traveling the world for work, Rob makes sure to keep up with his wife’s every need. As she mentioned in an interview, “He is very supportive and makes sure I’m covered in a way that we can afford, especially since we’re on such a tight budget.” This is one happy couple and we wish them all the best.

What’s Next?

It’s still unclear what the future holds for Rob and Kate’s relationship. But, with their baby girl, Tamira, due in April 2019 and a wedding planned for October of that year, their time together seems to be getting even more exciting.

The photo album that their publicist shared is a great source of information about their relationship. It covers every step of their courtship, from the very beginning until now. It also features some fantastic shots of the couple and their daughter, Tamira. While we’re thrilled to see so many beautiful pictures of the family, this is one photo album that might make fans cry a little bit. It’s simply because it shows us how much the couple cares for each other and how much they enjoy being together. There are also some truly candid and intimate shots that show us a side of Rob and Kate that we’ve never really seen before. This is one photo album that every fan should have.