The former couple, who dated for two years before announcing their breakup in January 2013, have been largely quiet since then. They occasionally pop up on each other’s social media accounts, but they’ve largely kept their personal lives private. Now that they’re both parents, the duo’s already stable relationship is looking even more promising. Here are some more insider tidbits about the sweet couple’s life and romance.

Their Royal Baby Moment

The proud parents confirmed earlier this year that they’re expecting their first child together. Soon after the big announcement, they both revealed adorable baby bumps on social media. With the help of a talented collaborator, the photographers behind the stunning pregnancy covers shot the stars in various elegant poses that revealed hints of their baby’s gender.

While many viewers were excited about the prospect of two Hollywood A-listers expanding their family, others were a bit cynical. The majority of Tweets about this exciting news were filled with questions about the baby’s fate—will it be a boy or a girl? Will the child grow up to follow in their parents’ footsteps and become an actor?

The Little Boy Or Girl?

As exciting as this latest addition to their family is, Stewart and Pattinson have already committed to sharing their child’s gender with the world. The baby bump photos they posted on social media in early 2019 were captioned with the question, “Is this a boy or a girl?” And while they’ve yet to reveal the gender of their child, they did tell us what they wanted the world to know about their bundle of joy. When asked about their parenting style by Red Magazine in 2019, Stewart answered, “We’re pretty laidback. We want our kid to be happy and grow up to be confident.”

Happy, Confident, And Carefree

Since dating back in 2013, the two have rarely been seen apart. The 35-year-old actor sported a “Robsten” tag on his Instagram account for most of 2018, while the 33-year-old musician often posted photos of himself alongside Stewart. Their happy, carefree images show a relaxed parent-child bond and plenty of shared laughter. In fact, when the little guy or gal’s first birthday rolled around in January, Stewart shared an adorable photo of the tyke on her Instagram account with the caption, “Happy Birthday to our beautiful, brave, and amazing son! We love you.”

If their social media following is anything to go by, these two seemingly perfect parents are more than just friends. Stewart has more than 500,000 followers on Instagram, while Pattinson has more than 400,000. That’s a lot of peeks into their already happy life together.

They May Have Teetotled

According to Page Six, Pattinson and Stewart have always kept their personal lives as private as possible. So it may come as a surprise that they’ve been spotted having drinks together at bars and restaurants in New York City. The outlet reports that the couple may have been celebrating Stewart’s birthday at the end of January when they were spotted having drinks at the Gramercy Tavern in Manhattan. However, a representative for the couple stated: “They’ve been going to bars and restaurants together as a couple, but they aren’t hiding it. They love being parents and are looking forward to sharing their experiences as a couple and as parents with each other and their friends.”

While it would be easy for this news to upset fans of either star, it probably won’t come as a total shock to those who know them well. After all, Stewart has always been incredibly private in her personal life, which is one of the reasons she and Pattinson maintained such a low profile during their dating years. Now that they’re engaged and have a baby on the way, perhaps the actress is ready to let her guard down and share more of her personal life with the public. We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, we can always check out their adorable kidswear on their Instagram accounts. We’re sure to see more of them in the years to come.

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