Acting on the strength of his recent split from Twilight co-star and love interest Bella Swan, a gossip columnist is claiming that Robert Pattinson is in fact engaged to Canadian actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The story, published in the Sunday Mirror, suggests that the 28-year-old heartthrob popped the question months ago and that the couple are planning to marry in the next few months.

The publication states that Pattinson has bought a £5.5 million (£4.9 million euros or $6.9 million) villa in the south of France, which he will use as a wedding venue. The venue is reportedly on the market for £25,000 per week ($31,900 per day).

Pattinson has yet to comment on the story. A representative for the actor issued a short statement, saying: “We can confirm that Robert is in Southern France at the moment and are looking forward to welcoming him home soon.”

More Than Just A Sexy Photo Shoots

While the publication focuses on the couple’s romance, it’s important to note that Robert Pattinson’s relationship with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is not just limited to their blossoming romance. The two have been friends for years and even before they officially started dating in 2014, they were often seen together. In fact, they were even featured in the same issue of Vanity Fair in 2012, with Pattinson gracing the cover and Huntington-Whiteley posing on the inside.

Since their romantic relationship started to heat up in early 2014, the pair were often photographed together. They held hands, made passionate kisses, and even went on a romantic vacation to Venice. Their public displays of affection made headlines around the world, and it became very clear that they were in fact a couple.

As their relationship became more widely known, so did their desire to keep it private. They continued to stay off-camera as much as possible even though they started making media appearances together in 2015. Unfortunately for fans of the couple, they didn’t entirely keep quiet about their relationship. In fact, they had quite the scandalous announcement to make in October 2016. They had been keeping quiet about their engagement but confirmed their marriage plans during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The host asked the couple if they had set a date for the wedding, and Rosie replied: “Yes, it’s gonna be next year. We’ve been waiting for the right time to tell you guys.” At the time, they said they would be getting married in the summer of 2017 in a gorgeous villa in Italy. And just days later, they made their official engagement announcement via Instagram, where they shared a photo of each other with the caption: “Here we are. Two peas in a pod. It’s official. We’re going to be husband and wife.”

The following month, they announced the pregnancy of their first child together and shared an adorable photo of Rosie’s bump on Instagram. “Our little bundle of joy has arrived and we couldn’t be happier or more blessed,” Robert wrote at the time. “Thanks for being such a badass throughout your pregnancy, @rosiehuntingwhiteley. We love you.”

Although the couple have remained good friends with both parents throwing them bridal showers and the like, it seems that their romance is here to stay. And judging by the latest report, it looks like they’re going to take their commitment to each other quite seriously. This is probably because so much more is at stake than just a sexy photo shoots or a scandalous romance. If the tabloid’s claims are true, then Robert Pattinson is about to enter into a serious relationship with a woman he loves and wants to spend the rest of his life with. What a way to start a new chapter in his life!