Are you a fan of the Twilight films? Do you love the British accent and were simply obsessed with the attention that Robert Pattinson received because of his role as Edward Cullen? If so, then you probably already know that he has a new girlfriend. Well, she’s not that new anymore. In fact, she’s been dating the actor for almost a year now. And while we might not know much about Pattinson’s personal life, we do know a little bit about his relationships with the ladies. So without further ado, let’s take a look at how Robert Pattinson interacts with the opposite sex.

He Has A Type

To begin with, let’s establish that Robert Pattinson is, in fact, a typical male. He goes for beautiful and scantily-clad ladies, takes them out for dinner, and fucks them senseless. So obviously, he doesn’t want to change a thing about himself in terms of his bedroom behavior. In fact, he may even prefer it that way. As one guy said about him, “He’s so sweet, if he finds a girl ugly, he’ll say so and then he’ll hit on her.” That pretty much sums up how Robert Pattinson has been in the past. And because of his demanding filming schedule, it’s likely that he will have even less time for a personal life than he does for a professional one.

Always In The Right Place

Even when he’s not filming, Robert Pattinson keeps a fairly busy schedule. He’s always on the lookout for girls, whether they’re acting in a play or hanging out in a coffee shop. For some reason, he seems to have a talent for meeting the right people, wherever he goes. And while it’s great that he’s so sociable and easy to get along with, it also means that he’s probably always going to be surrounded by people. It won’t be easy to establish any real privacy, or even intimacy, with someone who’s constantly being photographed or interviewed by the media.

He’s An Alpha Male

If you’re a fan of the Twilight films then you’ll probably also know that Robert Pattinson is a relatively low-key, peaceful person. He’s not like the other wolves in the film, he doesn’t crave attention and isn’t really that aggressive unless he feels that he’s being threatened. In fact, he’s often described as a “gentleman-wolf.” So when he wants to court a girl, he’ll usually go for the under- 30s, mostly because he doesn’t want to scare off his prey. He may also do this to keep the ladies interested. After all, what’s more attractive to a woman: a rich guy who buys her expensive gifts, or a sweet guy who is also successful?

He Fights For Honor

Even though he’s pretty laid back, Robert Pattinson has a very competitive side. He hates to lose and will do anything to win. This leads to him getting physical with the guys he’s playing poker with. He’ll throw down an occasional punch or wrestle with the other person. This isn’t really how he behaves in real life, though. He’s actually very friendly and kind, especially to those he’s just met. So just because he’s a bit of a fighter, that doesn’t mean that he’s a dangerous person. It just means that he feels strongly about something and will defend his opinion with his fists if necessary. This competitive streak has even caused some to question whether or not he’s a good actor. He doesn’t have many professional victories to his name, but he does have one Emmy nomination.

So, as you can see, Robert Pattinson is a bit of a mysterious person. There’s not a whole lot known about him. But from what we do know, it seems that he’s a typical, albeit exceptionally good-looking, guy. He’s always getting himself in the right place at the right time. He’s an alpha male with a competitive streak, but he’s not usually physical with the ladies that he dates. In fact, he’s usually very protective of them. So as far as we know, Robert Pattinson is a good person, which makes him even more appealing. He doesn’t fit the usual porn star or drug addict stereotype and seems like a genuinely nice guy. Who knows? Maybe that’s why people find his stories so enchanting. He’s not your typical Hollywood player either. He doesn’t drink or do drugs, and seems to only have eyes for the women that he dates. But even then, he’d rather spend time with his loved ones than go out for a beer with his buddies. So it’s not like he’s hurting anyone by not going for that drink. He’s just following his heart.